APS Cloud Standard

APS – the industry’s most popular free and open standard for cloud services - creates a simple and fast way for cloud service providers to offer new services.

Hear what ISVs who package their services for delivery through Service Automation using APS think about this powerful cloud delivery standard.

APS: the Cloud-Ready Standard for Rapid Service Delivery

ISVs “package” their applications and services according to the standard’s specifications that cover selling, provisioning, management, and integration of cloud-based services and applications. Cloud service providers can then quickly deploy applications that are APS-packaged and easily integrate them “off-the-shelf” into their offers.

Whether you're developing applications or delivering them, APS makes your cloud services more accessible to businesses.

Be a Part of the Ecosystem

Service Automation provides a unique channel for ISV service distribution at massive scale, and provides Service Automation service providers the broadest range of hosted services for them to provide through their channels and to their end customers.

Additionally, service providers can package other applications and services related to their business, integrate them into their platform, and surface information and processes directly into any of their control panels.

ISVs and cloud service providers can learn more about packaging and distributing applications and services on the APSstandard.org website.

Everyone Benefits When Applications and Services Are APS-Packaged

The future of software and services is in the cloud. APS helps service providers and application developers realize the benefits and opportunities of this new world. APS is revolutionizing cloud service bundling, and service providers using Service Automation are at the forefront of the industry. Be first to deliver bundles that are truly integrated.

Service Providers

  • Minimize custom integration and maintenance of third-party services
  • Increase scalability
  • Broaden your range of application offerings
  • Easily create user-friendly cloud service offerings from a variety of best-in-breed cloud applications
  • Design and sell integrated bundles of cloud services that are enabled to work together


  • Increase scale and market reach by making it easier for service providers to deploy your services
  • Minimize time and resources needed to deploy services through service providers
  • Increase your development options
  • Make it easy for service providers to cross-promote and upsell your services through their channels
  • Manage software updates through reseller channels more efficiently

Business Users

  • Single panel to manage and configure all services and users
  • One login across all applications
  • Relevant bundles of integrated applications at competitive prices

Over 500 APS-Packaged Applications and Services and Counting

Our ecosystem of applications and services is growing. In 2013, Odin partners saw 10x growth in the number of users consuming APS applications and Service Automation is now powering services delivered to more than three million businesses.

The APS catalog includes many of the industry’s most in-demand applications including:

A sample of applications and services ready to offer in the APS catalog.

Browse and search the entire APS catalog here, or download our Applications and Services Catalog as a PDF here.