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Containers for Windows is the highest density, lowest cost virtualization solution for Windows. Containers for Windows is uniquely suited to cloud server virtualization, enabling near instant provisioning and on-the-fly modification of hosting and cloud server plans. Click below for frequently asked questions, documentation and other helpful tools to get the answers you need.

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    Is Containers for Windows a different product than Virtuozzo Containers for Linux?

    Containers for Windows 6.0 is the latest version Virtuozzo Containers for Windows. With this release and for future releases we have removed "Virtuozzo" to shorten the name.

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    Do you have any usage recommendations for Containers for Windows?

    Yes, you can get information about best practices and known limitations from the KB article below:

    Containers for Windows:

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    Do you have forums for Containers for Windows?

    Yes, for access to the Containers for Windows forum please go to: 

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    What are the system requirements for Containers for Windows 6.0?

    System Requirements

    The hardware requirements for Containers for Windows 6.0 are as follows:

    • 1.4 GHz or faster 64-bit processor
    • At least 1 GB of RAM
    • At least 32 GB of disk space (more for 16 GB of RAM or more)

    The following operating systems are supported:

    • Windows Server 2012 RTM, Datacenter Edition, US English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese

    Note: No Microsoft updates must be installed on the Windows Server 2012 operating system prior to installation of Containers for Windows 6.0. For more information, refer to Containers for Windows 6.0 Documentation.

    To be able to manage Containers for Windows 6.0 with Virtual Automation (PVA), make sure that your client computer can run one of the following Web browsers:

    • Internet Explorer 8.x, 9.x, or 10.x
    • Firefox 16.x
    • Safari 5.x or newer
    • Chrome 22.x or newer

    Other browsers may work as well, however only those listed above have been tested for compatibility with Virtual Automation (PVA).

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    Where can I find the list of supported Microsoft updates?
  6. 6.
    Where can I find installer download link?

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For a list of known issues please review Containers for Windows 6.0 Release Notes

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Containers for Windows 6.0 Documentation

Document Name Format
Readme PDF
Getting Started with Containers for Windows PDF | HTML
Containers for Windows Installation Guide PDF | HTML
Containers for Windows Reference Guide PDF | HTML
Containers for Windows Templates Management Guide PDF | HTML
Containers for Windows User's Guide PDF | HTML
Containers for Windows Upgrade Guide PDF | HTML
Containers for Windows Clustering Guide PDF | HTML

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