Parallels Cloud Server

Parallels Cloud Server transforms how you deliver the cloud. Parallels Cloud Server combines Parallels Cloud Storage with Parallels Containers and Parallels Hypervisor to dramatically improve server reliability, performance, and profitability. Click below for frequently asked questions, documentation and other helpful tools to get the answers you need.

  1. What is Parallels Cloud Server?

    Parallels Cloud Server is the next generation cloud server software that delivers Parallels Containers together with our world-class hypervisor technology and scalable, resilient cloud storage.

    The storage technology delivered with Parallels Cloud Server allows service providers to build a reliable and highly available distributed shared storage cluster which performs similar to an SAN. However Parallels Cloud Server storage is much more cost effective since it uses existing unused free disk space on your current servers. This eliminates the need for the dedicated shared storage hardware normally required by SANs and provides the lowest cost cloud storage available.

    Parallels Cloud Server allows you to store and run Parallels virtual machines and containers, eliminate downtime due to HDD and RAID failures, provide high availability servers, perform instant live migration of servers between physical hosts, and scale available storage beyond the locally available disk space.

  2. What hardware is Parallels Cloud Server compatible with?

    Parallels Cloud Server is compatible with the same hardware as Parallels Server Bare Metal, please see for more details.

  3. How does Parallels Cloud Server protect server data?

    Parallels Cloud Server protects against data loss or temporary unavailability by mirroring data to a specified number of copies (replicas) placed on different machines to protect the data from single point hardware and control failures. To provide additional reliability Parallels Cloud Server can be configured to maintain user data checksums and verify them on access and on a regular basis.

  4. How do I use Parallels Cloud Server to provide IaaS services?

    Please refer to Best Practices for Parallels Virtuozzo Containers which are applicable to Parallels Cloud Server too

  5. How do I perform backup of virtual environments?

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