Service Automation

Service Automation has two components: Business Automation and Operations Automation. Business Automation is a complete business support system for cloud services, while Operations Automation provisions and manages service plans for virtually any cloud service or application.

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    Which browsers are supported by Service Automation?
    • Internet Explorer 8.x and above (recommended)
    • Mozilla Firefox 8.x and above on all platforms (recommended)
    • Safari 5.x and above for Mac (recommended)
    • Chrome 16.x and above on all platforms (recommended)
    • Default browser (Safari) on iOS 5.x
    • Default browser on Android 2.4
    • Default browser (IE) on Windows Phone 7.x
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    Where can I find latest release notes and documentation for Odin Service Automation?

    To view latest release notes and documention please visit Odin Service Automation Documentation Portal

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    What Microsoft Windows Updates are supported by Operations Automation?

    To see what Microsoft Windows Updates are supported, please go to:

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    How can I customize localization for the store with Business Automation?

    Please go to to learn how to customize localization.

  5. 5.
    Where can I get help for an “Account blocked, order cannot be place” message?

    Please go to for resolving this issue.

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    What are the minimum network requirements for OACI?

    Minimum network requirements:

    • 7 external IP addresses
    • 12 internal IP addresses (3 for the systems above and 9 for the PA management components)
    • 24 public network with a gateway inside (for creating cloud servers)
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    What does Operations Automation include?

    Operations Automation is a complete operations support system (OSS) for cloud services—one that enables you to automate all aspects of provisioning, service, and infrastructure management, as well as customer self service.

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    How do you change default values displayed on OACI Screen in Online Store?

    To understand how to change the default values displayed in the online store, please review the latest KB article at:

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    What are the supported 3rd party products in Operations Automation?

    For the supported 3rd party products in Operations Automation, please see KB article

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