Odin Summit 2013

In business, there are clear moments of opportunity. Moments for gaining crucial knowledge from people who know your business and the challenges you face.

Odin Summit 2013 has been a great opportunity to take advantage of these moments and many more, all in one unique event that happens only once a year. We hope you took full advantage of the gathering of the brightest and most innovative minds in the industry. Collected here is a list of all the great new products and services Parallels announced at Odin Summit 2013.

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Birger Steen Keynote
Jeremy Gutsche Keynote

Find those game-changing innovations

Parallels announced several new products and services that enable hosting providers and cloud services developers to really kick up the momentum and answer their customers' business needs.

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    APS 2.0

    Parallels has significantly enhanced APS 2.0 to provide a secure, integrated, and differentiated experiences across all cloud services. Learn more about APS 2.0

  2. 2.
    Service Automation 5.5

    Shipping later this year with APS 2.0 fully integrated and built in. Learn more about Service Automation 5.5

  3. 3.
    Parallels Cloud Server and Parallels Cloud Storage

    Offer all the cloud infrastructure services your customers want, learn more about Parallels Cloud Server and Parallels Cloud Storage.

  4. 4.
    Plesk Automation

    The scalable, multi-server automation solution enabling a seamless growth path for Plesk customers. Learn more about Plesk Automation.

  5. 5.
    Parallels Presence Builder

    Offer your SMB customers hundreds of industry-specific site designs to help them enhance their web presence as well as an easy drag and drop interface. Learn more about Parallels Presence Builder.

  6. 6.
    APS Certification Program for ISVs

    The APS Certification Program for ISVs is developed to ensure users that they will receive the best user experience throughout the diverse set of APS applications supporting Odin products. This program is part of the newly launched Parallels Cloud Services Developer partner program. Learn more.

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    Parallels SMB Cloud Insights Reports

    The 2013 Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™  reports include in-depth analysis and research in the SMB cloud services market. The latest research reports, which include the US, Brazil, Mexico, and the global model, not only cover SMBs’ current consumption of cloud services, but also present the top opportunities and future outlook in each market. Read the reports.

    In addition, this year, Parallels is enhancing its research to provide guidance for optimizing cloud bundles and pricing strategies. Keep an eye out for these in-depth strategy reports, which will be released later this year.

  8. 8.
    Parallels Cloud Acceleration Services

    For service providers who would like deeper analysis and development support, Parallels Cloud Acceleration Services offers a suite of professional services. Learn more.

We hope you experienced and enjoyed all that was new this year!

  • Useful and timely keynotes from speakers including Jeremy Gutsche, leading expert on business trends and an electrifying speaker..."an intellectual can of Red Bull" 
  • New session approach with an integrated set of content with no fluff, no filler - arranged in three distinct tracks so you don't miss sessions you want
  • Business track focused on a full go-to-market cycle
  • First time for technical and operational attendees - Technical track
  • First time for developers - APS/Developer track
  • Parallels SMB Cloud InsightsTM research updated for US, Global, Mexico and Brazil - with all new analysis exploring what services SMBs say they want to buy from cloud service providers
  • APS Hands-on Labs - build for APS 2.0 on site!

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