Odin Professional Services

Odin Professional Services ensures you get what you paid for – and more.

Odin Professional Services is your trusted partner for planning, deploying, integrating and optimizing your Service Automation solution.

Leverage our ten-plus years of deploying Service Automation to hundreds of large service providers around the world.

Immediate Value

Time to Revenue: Odins' broad experience deploying customized solutions enables partners to get their offerings to market faster.

Shared Success: Because of Odins' unique partnering model, your success is our success. All Odin Professional Service engagements are delivered with this as a guiding principle.

Product Expertise: Odin Professional Services are experts in Service Automation solution design, deployment, integration, customization, and training.

The Essence of a Partnership

Odin Professional Services is your trusted partner for the installation of your customized Service Automation Solution. The team uses repeatable methodologies and best practices to optimize your solution. Typical phases of an implementation include:

  • Planning and design implementation
  • Configuration
  • Staging & QA
  • Training
  • Walk-through and hand-off to support

"We have been extremely impressed with the level of support we have received from Odin, both onsite and offsite from a technical and operational point of view."

— Pete Hicks, Senior Director
Charter Business Product Management