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    A new website builder designed for easy reselling
    by hosting providers, telcos, and distributors

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Easy. Affordable. Comprehensive.

Why can’t a website builder solution be all of those things? Now it is, thanks to a new collaboration between Odin and Yola to offer Web Business Builder powered by Yola. The new Web Business Builder gives service providers an easy and effective way to offer website building services to their SMB customers under their own brand. With this white-labeled solution, service providers will add new customers, upsell existing customers, and reduce churn all in one comprehensive package.

All You Need in a Professional Site-Building Solution

Web Business Builder fits the needs of both service providers and their SMB customers, who crave a quick and affordable way to launch a web business online. With the Yola platform, Web Business Builder provides an end-to-end solution to accomplish all of their goals and more.

Wide Audience


Support Portal


Wide Audience

From plug-and-play options to more advanced style design tools, Web Business Builder appeals to an audience of all technical skill levels.


The value of offering Web Business Builder expands even beyond its own borders. You’ll increase revenue by cross-selling SMBs to your other services and vice versa.

Support Portal

You’ll decrease support costs while providing superior customer service. (This might sound contradictory, but trust us – it isn’t.) Web Business Builder includes a second-level support portal that features live chat, an instant help box, and contact information that goes directly to your Yola support manager.


Additional integrated technologies of Web Business Builder include an advanced white-labeled e-commerce tool (powered by Ecwid) and optional search engine marketing analytics (powered by SiteWit).

Fully White-Labeled Fits Your Brand

Odin Web Business Builder is built to support the brands of its resellers. Fully white-labeled, the solution can be matched 100% to your own brand with zero Yola footprint.

A Complete Package at a Singular Price

As a service provider, you’re looking for an easy and effective way to offer website building services that adds value to your existing packages. You’ll find all of this in Web Business Builder, along with a solution that helps you compete in the SMB marketplace, opens a new revenue stream, and leads to higher conversion rates.


Many Yola clients have already experienced 15-20% conversion rates.

Upsell through
Free Trials

You can offer a 30-day free trial option to give your customers an attractive “get started” opportunity before upselling them to paid packages.

Upgrade Your Customers
on Their Timeframe

Through in-app contextual messaging, customers are able to upgrade themselves to advanced features at their exact time of need – without needing to contact support staff.

Benefits on Both Ends

Web Business Builder offers advanced features to resellers who want to sell a full solution, not bits and pieces. It includes a personalized dashboard that gives resellers a full view of the system’s users and includes tools to easily activate, delete, and suspend users. Resellers can also drill down to the user level with advanced monthly usage reporting for billing.

Top Reasons for Choosing Web Business Builder

Leave complexity behind. Web Business Builder goes beyond meeting your core needs
and strives to simplify your experience.

  • Multilingual for Global

  • An Integrated

  • Fits Your

  • Host

  • Superior Customer

  • Allows Both Local and
    Syndication Models

  • Increase Sales through
    In-App Upgrades

  • Excellent User

  • Eye-Catching

  • An Inclusive

Multilingual for Global Partners

Choose from 17 languages.

An Integrated Package

Offer responsive mobile website functionality and e-commerce support.

Fits Your Brand

The 100% white-labeled solution can be customized to your brand with zero footprints from Yola, Ecwid, or SiteWit.

Host Anywhere

Hosted website builder on independent infrastructure is scalable to millions of users (updates are provided by Yola directly).

Superior Customer Support

Provide the best support in the easiest way with a built-in support portal powered by Yola.

Allows Both Local and Syndication Models

You can choose to either locally host (through LSH NG/WSH Modules or Plesk SWH) or host through syndicated websites.

Increase Sales through In-App Upgrades

In-app upgrades have been measured to convert up to 15% organic sales.

Excellent User Experience

The Yola UI/UX has been rated highly by both partners and end users.

Eye-Catching Designs

No matter their technical skills, SMBs will look professional with attractive and sophisticated website templates.

An Inclusive Solution

Web Business Builder provides everything a small business needs for building a successful online presence.

Feature Comparison

Web Business Builder is the only solution that includes all the features you need to offer website building services. The data speaks for itself – view this side-by-side evaluation to see how Web Business Builder compares against other leading products.

Comparison Chart