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    Industry’s leading, billing and hosting automation solution for managing and scaling small and medium web hosting businesses.

Odin Business Automation Standard is a hosting automation solution that supports management of all the business aspects of a web hosting service. It helps you maximize your revenues; lets you offer a full range of hosting services, including email hosting, shared hosting, VPS, hypervisor-based virtual machines, dedicated servers, domain registration, SSL certificates and SaaS services. It enables you to build your reseller channels and manage your affiliates.

Ready to Use, Comprehensive Billing and Hosting Automation Solution

OBAS manages all stages of the customer lifecycle. It receives orders from your online storefront, provisions services to application servers, obtains licenses from the Odin Key Administrator server, bills customers for services, collects their payments, and provides them with a web-based control panel that lets them update their services on their own. And, to simplify web hosting management even more, we’ve integrated PBAS with numerous payment gateways, domain registrars, help desks, service delivery platforms, and other third-party systems.

Odin Business Automation Standard Data Sheet

Start Using PBAS today – with “Pay-As-You-Grow” program:

  • Introductory free OBAS license
  • Free 2 days OBAS installation and administration training
  • Free 5 CT PCS license for PBAS infrastructure
  • Discounted Plesk, Web Presence Builder and PCS licenses

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Key Features of Odin Business Automation Standard

OBAS includes everything a hosting provider needs to run a successful and profitable business from technology and tools that manage overall infrastructure to billing, sales channel management, and e-commerce application. It is integrated with all of Odins core products as well as numerous third party systems, including payment gateways, domain registrars, anti-fraud modules, bank transfer modules, help desk systems, SSL vendors etc. Service providers can add new modules and language packs using the software’s API and OBAS Software Development Kit.

Full Range of Hosting Services 

  • Domain registration 
  • Shared hosting (powered by Plesk)
  • Email hosting with Plesk
  • Shared hosting with centralized email/anti-virus/anti-spam solution (Powered by Plesk Automation)
  • Database hosting with centralized database server solution (Powered by Plesk Automation)
  • VPS hosting with Plesk (powered by Virtuozzo
  • Dynamic Dedicated Hosting (Single VPS on server)
  • Dedicated or Co-location services
  • Hypervisor based VM hosting (powered by Server Bare Metal or Virtuozzo)
  • SSL certificate subscriptions and provisioning
  • Miscellaneous items (professional services, integrated services, etc.)

Complete Infrastructure Management

  • Billing and receivables management
  • Ability to create and manage hosting plans
  • Online store management
  • Reseller Support
  • White-label branding
  • Automated license provisioning through Key Administrator (KA)
  • Powerful PVC/PSBM/PCS management
  • IPs allocation and DNS management
  • Integrated trouble ticketing and external help desks support
  • Domain registrations through over 25 domain registrars
  • Kayako helpdesk support

Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways

  • Credit Card Processing + Fraud Verification 
  • Over 50 payment gateways
  • Flexible manual approval rules
  • Refunds, reversals, credits
  • Delayed capture, CVV/AVS verification and more
  • Tokenization support for billing
  • Bank transfer payments for German (DTAUS), Spanish (Norma 19), and Netherlands (ClieOp3) standards: flexible batch management with approval queues.

Wide Range of OSes and Applications for Container Hosting

  • OS support: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, CentOS 6
  • Automated upgrades 
  • Open-source and commercial applications
  • Game servers and more

Easy Customization and Integration

  • Customizable PHP based store
  • Customizable notifications
  • Customizable menu items
  • Colors, logos, page content
  • Create your own plug-ins
  • Application templates creation guide
  • Powerful API
  • XML data export/import tools

Benefits of Centralized Billing and Automation

Odin Business Automation Standard is pre-integrated hosting automation and billing solution that offers a unified platform to manage all hosting types: Domain Registration, SSL Certificates, Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Virtual Machines and Dedicated Servers. Implementing Odin Business Automation Standard will streamline all aspects of your business life-cycle including online ordering, billing, service delivery, and service management.

Hosting providers are able to customize, extend, and integrate any service offering with fully re-brandable reseller and customer control panels. Re-sellers are able to independently manage their own offerings through their control center.

The flexible subscription-based billing system included in OBAS allows service providers to bill for setup and recurring fees for hosting plans, individual applications, resources (metered and unmetered), and even custom services. The billing system is fully integrated with automatic provisioning and management.

Odin Business Automation Standard has many benefits for hosting service providers:

Increase Revenue

  • Grow customer base and up-sell existing customers.
  • Easily package and automatically deploy a wide range of value added services.
  • Built-in support and management of resellers, White-label branding and Affiliate Program Module allows hosting providers to reach a larger number of indirect channels without having to increase their sales force.

Decrease Costs

  • Automate all aspects of business management including support and system maintenance lowering the need for system management staff.
  • Increase hardware utilization and reduce server overhead by operating in a virtual environment.
  • Take advantage of virtual environments and use more efficient rack space reducing utility and data center expenditures.

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Auto-provision accounts directly from online store purchases using the industry’s most popular hosting platforms — Plesk and Plesk Automation for shared hosting, Virtuozzo and VM hosting and Web Presence Builder for easy site creation.
  • Automate and integrate application provisioning allowing hosting providers to perform mass upgrades of customer accounts.

Core Automation and Billing Components

Business Components

Built from the ground up to be highly customizable and extendable, Odin Business Automation Standard allows service providers to manage their business more efficiently. Odin Business Automation Standard lets you manage customer accounts, billing, e-commerce and marketing from one intuitive UI. Service providers can focus on their core expertise of marketing and selling while letting Odin Business Automation Standard manage the rest.

Operations Components

The new operations components are designed to give hosting providers system level administration capabilities as well as a more efficient way to manage the entire infrastructure. Plesk Automation extends product range of Odin Business Automation Standard and allows hosting providers to create a fully automated Infrastructure with full range of traditional hosting services, right out of the box. For example:

  • Shared Linux and Windows Hosting services with centralized Email and database powered by Plesk Automation,
  • Windows and Linux VPS Containers and Hypervisor based VMs powered by latest Virtuozzo,
  • Dedicated Servers,
  • Domain registration,
  • SSL certificates.

Management Interfaces

The Control Centers provide the core functionality for the provider and their resellers. Within the Control Centers, providers and resellers are given the ability to manage the system through system Directors. At the same time, customers can manage their billing information and the services they have purchased using the Customer Control Panel.

Odin Business Automation Standard — Tutorials

These video tutorials are designed to teach you how to install, configure and perform standard tasks using Odin Business Automation Standard. These short videos do not replace our instructor lead product trainings  but compliment them.

Quickly learn how to accomplish the most common tasks with Odin Business Automation Standard  short video tutorials.

Odin Business Automation Standard (OBAS) installation. Video tutorial and live demo.

In this tutorial you will learn how to install Odin Business Automation Standard inside Virtuozzo. It also includes live demo of a step by step OBAS installation.

Plesk Automation installation and OBAS integration video tutorial and live demo. Part #2

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure and integrate Plesk Automation and OBAS. You will also learn how to create service templates, how to synchronize them, how to create hosting plan, and start selling it.

Odin Business Automation Standard Administration (OBAS). Video Tutorial and Live Demo.

In this tutorial you will learn how to perform initial Odin Business Automation Standard system configuration and prepare it for production quickly in just a few simple steps, including: configure IP pool, register PVC node, configure name servers, configure domain registrars etc.

Virtuozzo installation, configuration and OBAS integration video tutorial and live demo. Part #1

In this tutorial you will learn how to perform deployment of Virtuozzo step by step and preparing your new Virtuozzo server for integration with Odin Business Automation Standard.

Plesk Automation installation and OBAS integration video tutorial and live demo. Part #1

In this tutorial you will learn how to perform deployment of Plesk Automation, including initial configuration, adding service nodes, installing licenses, and preparing Plesk Automation for integration with Odin Business Automation Standard.

Virtuozzo installation, configuration and OBAS integration video tutorial and live demo. Part #2

In this tutorial you will learn how to perform integration of Virtuozzo server with Odin Business Automation Standard for both Container and Virtual Machine provisioning.

Odin Business Automation Standard Demos

Odin Business Automation Standard offers hosting providers and their resellers a web-based control panel to setup and manage their entire hosting business. From automatic creation of an online store to the management of individual hosting subscriptions, all functions of the business are managed.

NOTE: Some of the functionality (such as destroy, migrate and backup of VPS, users management and licenses installation) is disabled in this online demo for security purposes.

Login to these different levels of management in our live demo:

Provider Control Center

This demo can be used to explore Provider Control Center (PCC) - web panel used by hosting service provider's staff to perform day-to-day administrative tasks, including managing hosting infrastructure, managing billing system, managing hosting subscription packages, customers and resellers.
provider@myhspc.com | Password: provider

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Reseller Control Center

Explore the Reseller Control Centre (RCC) demo to see how a small businesses and IT professionals use OBAS RCC to white label and rebrand provider's hosting services,  manage their online store, customer's hosting subscriptions and more.
E-mail: reseller@myhspc.com | Password: reseller

View Demo

Customer Control Panel (VPS Hosting Subscription)

Explore the Customer Control Panel (CP) Demo to see how customers are managing their VPS hosting subscription, add and build their web sites, add mailboxes, renew, pay or order new services.
 vps@myhspc.com | Password: VP$hosting

View Demo

Customer Control Panel (Shared Hosting Subscription)

Explore the Customer Control Panel (CP) Demo to see how customers are managing their shared hosting subscription (powered by Plesk), add and build their web sites, add mailboxes, renew, pay or order new services.
E-mail: plesk@myhspc.com | Password: Ple$khosting

View Demo

Integrated Online Store

Explore step by step subscription process  using standard, integrated OBAS online store.  Try to order domain, shared, VPS, Virtual Machine or a SSL certificate. 
E-mail: plesk@myhspc.com | Password: Ple$khosting

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Over 600 hosting service providers worldwide use Odin Business Automation Standard to grow their business: