What’s New in Parallels H-Sphere 3.6.3

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The latest version 3.6.3 of Parallels H-Sphere provides several new updates and features to the prior versions of H-Sphere. A list of the most new features is provided below.

Top new features in H-Sphere 3.6.3

  • PHP 5.5 for Linux support.
  • PHP 5.5 for Windows support.
  • PHP 5.4 for Windows support.
  • FreeBSD 8.4 support.

Top new features in H-Sphere 3.6.2

  • Added PHP 5.4 support
  • Added standardized PHP version 5.3 for included system tools like Webshell, phpMyAdmin, Horde
  • Security enhancements

Top new features in H-Sphere 3.6.1

  • Added CloudLinux 6.3 OS support
  • Added experimental FreeBSD 8.3 OS support
  • Added new Plesk-like theme named "Parallels Panel"
  • Added PHP 5.3 for Windows support
  • CP supports IP address add and delete operations for Parallels Virtuozzo containers managed by PVA

Top new features in H-Sphere 3.6.0

  • Added RedHat EL 6.x support.
  • Added CentOS 6.x i386/amd64 support.
  • Added FreeBSD 7.4.
  • Added PHP5.3 support.

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Top new features in H-Sphere 3.5.1

  • Added ColdFusion 9 support.
  • Added support of PVA API and Virtual Environment Templates in Parallels Virtuozzo.
  • Updated BIND to 9.6-ESV-R5-P1.
  • Updated ProFTPD to 1.3.3g.
  • Fixed notification sending issue.

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Top new features in H-Sphere 3.5

  • Added Windows 2008 R2 support (including Microsoft IIS FTP 7.5).
  • Added ability to attach files to support ticket comments.
  • Added addUserCustomTXTRecord XML-API method.
  • Added support for CloudLinux in hsphere-apache2-h3.1 package.
  • Added a new option SOFTACULOUS_USE_HOSTNAME to hsphere.properties. When enabled, H-Sphere redirects to Softaculous interface on unixbox by hostname instead of IP address.
  • Updated PHP in Windows packages to 5.2.17.
  • Fixed collection of Urchin statistics in Windows.

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Top new features in H-Sphere 3.4.1

  • Added new type of promotion validator which allows discount for specified period of time.
  • Added integration with Softaculous scripts auto installer.
  • Updated System Packages:
    • ProFTPD updated to 1.3.2e (with ZDI-CAN-925 patch).
    • ClamAV updated to 0.96.5.
    • Apache 2 updated to 2.2.17.
    • PHP 5 updated to 5.2.17.
    • BIND updated to 9.6-ESV-R3.
  • Added Virtuozzo hardware node hostname to a sample name in the container samples list.
  • Unix FTP sub-accounts now have username prefix by default.
  • Default value for MRTG's MaxBytes setting is now ten times bigger (12.5mln instead of 1.25mln), to fit for 100Mbit networks.
  • Default key length of SSL Certificates generated by user request is increased to 2048 bits (was 1024).
  • Updated blackhole.conf and enabled its customization.
  • IDN sites are now working in IIS7.

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Top new features in H-Sphere 3.4

  • Added FreeBSD 6.4 i386, FreeBSD 7.3 i386/amd64 support.
  • Added support for installation to CloudLinux 5.5 i386. CloudLinux's mod_hostinglimits is supported, but it should be installed and configured manually according to instructions from CloudLinux's web site, if needed.
  • Added Windows Server 2008 64-bit support.
  • Added IIS 7.0 support (including support for new application pool parameters: mode, bitness and runtime version).
  • Added .NET Framework 4.0 support.
  • Added Parallels DNN support.
  • Added IIS 7 UrlRewrite module support.
  • Improved Security:
    • Apache:
      • Default SSL certificates are now signed with sha1.
      • Weak and medium strength cipher suites disabled.
      • Test scripts made inaccessible by default.
      • Apache will not report its version over internet.
    • IMP webmail: test scripts removed. 
    • BIND 9: BIND 9 will not report its version over internet.
  • Updated System Packages:
    • ClamAV updated to 0.96.2.
    • Apache 2 updated to 2.2.16.
    • PHP 5 updated to 5.2.14 (including Windows). 
    • MySQL updated to 5.1.49.
    • PostgreSQL updated to 7.4.29.
    • sudo updated to 1.6.9p23.
    • phpMyAdmin updated to 2.11.10. 
    • New hsphere-bind-9 package includes current bogon network list as of 5 Aug 2010.

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