Open-Xchange Service Module

The Open-Xchange Service Module provides support for OX App Suite, a fully brandable customer engagement platform for cloud and hosting providers, telcos and local Internet services companies to drive Cloud and SaaS portfolio recirculation and customer retention. It is the integration point for service providers to promote and directly upsell 3rd party and value-added services that improves their average revenue per user (ARPU).

What is Open-Xchange — and how will it help you?

By only providing pass-thru products and services without brand identity, service providers are reduced to compete on price. Equally challenging, they face serious competition from OTT providers like Apple and Google. OX App Suite from Open-Xchange changes all that as it provides the means to win the battle for mindshare and secure brand preference and pricing power, as well as fight churn.

OX App Suite lets service providers replace old Webmail applications with a responsive email solution that includes innovative collaboration and document management features — all without changing the existing email server infrastructure.

Built for the Cloud from the ground up, OX App Suite offers a wide range of end-user features for consumers and SMBs, including:

  • A single browser-based interface for digital life, available on all devices
  • Integrated communication hub for emails, contacts and appointments
  • Document management for photos, videos and music with automatic version control and simple rollback plus online document viewing without downloading
  • Synchronization of files across devices
  • File sharing with friends, family and business partners
  • A cloud-based office productivity suite for in-browser editing
  • Support for push email and mobile devices
  • A flexible pricing model, with the ability for users to buy only as much as they need

Used by more than 100 million people, Open-Xchange is the integration point for service providers to promote and directly upsell 3rd party and value-added services. Like no other solution on the web, OX App Suite enables service providers to position themselves as safe harbor and trustworthy partner for their users´ data in the post-PRISM landscape – and massively scale-out their cloud-based portfolios and revenue base.