Microsoft SharePoint Service Module

The Microsoft SharePoint Service Module offers support for Windows SharePoint Services making it easier for people to work together. With Microsoft SharePoint, your customers can set up websites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports that can help everyone make better decisions.

Help your customers collaborate while increasing your ARPU

The Microsoft SharePoint Service Module enables you to offer your customers Microsoft SharePoint as a convenient cloud service. With SharePoint, employees will be able to collaborate on projects more easily — and by offering the solution under a pay-as-you-go model, you’ll make it affordable for small businesses, eliminating both any large capital outlays and any need for ongoing IT maintenance and support on their part. The module enables you to offer over 40 SharePoint templates that have been customized by Microsoft for specific applications and verticals.

Just one Microsoft login works for all applications
Operations Automation supports Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office Communications and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as Microsoft SharePoint — so your customers who use more than one of these advanced Microsoft applications can access them all with a single login and password.

Choose the fee structure that best meets your needs
With the Microsoft SharePoint Service Module, you have the flexibility to charge for services according to the method that best fits your business model. Options include:

  • Charging by the number of users
  • Charging by the storage space allocated per site
  • Customized fee structures that you set up

Combine with Business Automation for additional business capabilities
When you combine the Microsoft SharePoint Service Module with Business Automation, you’ll get a complete set of business capabilities, including:

  • Storefront integration with domain registration
  • Automated ordering and provisioning
  • Customer self-service control panels
  • Billing and service plan management
  • Resource reporting and tracking
  • Full reseller and white-label capability
  • Ability to customize workflow so as to drive business processes with the greatest efficiency