Microsoft Exchange Service Module

The Microsoft Exchange Service Module provides full support for Microsoft Exchange 2013, 2010, as well as 2007, enabling you to offer lucrative cloud-based business-class e-mail and communications services to the many business customers that use this platform. One of our most popular service modules, Microsoft Exchange helps service providers increase ARPU and decrease customer churn.

Rapidly set up cloud-based email services

Microsoft Exchange is one of the most widely used e-mail and messaging platforms among businesses today. Now, with our pre-engineered Microsoft Exchange Service Module, you can quickly launch a cloud-based email service for this platform — including the latest release, Microsoft Exchange 2013. Customers who have this new release will be able to take advantage of such advances as user features for battling inbox overload, improved scalability, and more.

Customize the service to meet your needs
You can choose to include specific email and communication features in a service plan or bill each feature separately. You can also opt to allocate resources—such as the number of mailboxes and the amount of storage space — according to the service plan the customer chooses, billing overage charges when a customer exceeds the allocated amount. And with the module’s robust user interface, your in-house development resources can easily add new features to expand your offering.

Enhance your communications package with additional Microsoft services
Adding the Microsoft Lync and Microsoft SharePoint service modules will enable you to offer your customers an even more comprehensive communications package. Microsoft Lync is an extensible platform for business-class unified communications, featuring instant messaging, conferencing, enterprise voice, and more. Microsoft SharePoint supports all intranet, extranet, and Web applications across an enterprise within a single integrated platform, giving end users a comprehensive solution for content management and information-sharing that can help them achieve better insight into their business.

Service Module Feature List

New features are constantly being added to the list below.

Category Supported Features
Domain Management
  • Integrated domain registration
  • DNS management
  • IDN domains support
Mailbox Access Protocols
  • Outlook client access — RPC over HTTP, automatic Outlook profile generation
  • Outlook web access — secure form-based authentication, auto-login from control panel
  • IMAP
  • POP3
  • Outlook mobile access — ActiveSync
Management Features
  • Multi-language support
  • Multiple domains per company
  • API for integration with existing infrastructures
Provider Control Panels
  • Fully branded panels for resellers and clients
  • Auto-login to user accounts
  • Resource based usage reporting
  • Ability to build customized help boxes, marketing messages, and notification messages
Reseller Control Panels
  • Fully branded panels
  • Pricing and billing (if enabled by service provider)
  • Any delegated features from Service Provider Control Panel
Client Administrator Control Panel
  • Personal contact information management
  • Password management
  • Support for multiple email addresses and aliases
  • Configure storage limits
  • Configure delivery limits including outgoing message size, maximum number of recipients
  • Create and manage automatic footers
  • Mailbox access configuration (OWA, POP, IMAP, HTTP-RPC)
  • Configure mail forwarding and auto responders
  • Manage shared contact and distribution lists
  • Manage public folders (mail, appointments, tasks, contacts, notes) and storage limits
Mailbox User Control Panel
  • Personal contact information management
  • Password management
  • Ability to view and download configuration information
  • Manage email addresses and aliases
  • Ability to view resource utilization and limits
  • Configure mail forwarding

Billing and Reporting
  • Localized currency support
  • Resource based billing (number of mailboxes, amount of storage, number of domains)
  • Support for overage charges, detailed by resource
  • Ability to configure billing periods (e.g., one-time setup fees, recurring fees, renewal fees, trial periods)
  • Ability to offer customizable promotions and discounts
  • Support for up-sell plans and resources
  • Refund capabilities
  • Reporting (e.g., of pending orders, completed orders, new orders, canceled orders, expired credit cards)
  • View and export payments, credits, and invoices
  • Fraud control module with 20 fraud plug-ins
  • Integrated plug-ins to over 30 payment gateways and domain registrars
Add Ons
  • Mobile messaging support for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Email security plug-ins for McAfee SaaS Email Security and Symantec Email
  • Email archiving plug-in using Global Relay