Flexiant APS Package

The Flexiant APS Package for Odin Service Automation enables service providers to rapidly deploy highly differentiated public IaaS cloud services based on Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator (FCO) with automated billing, provisioning and customer management provided by Odin Service Automation.

Launch your IaaS business in days with Flexiant and Odin Service Automation

The IaaS market is driven by a variety of use cases, creating the need for cloud management platforms to support a wide range of virtualization and storage technologies.

Service providers using Service Automation together with FCO have a unique advantage in that they can rapidly and cost effectively deliver a variety of IaaS services enabled by Flexiant’s unique cloud orchestration capabilities, all provisioned and managed through Service Automation.

When you deploy the Flexiant APS Package with Service Automation, FCO provides:

  • Compute, network and storage orchestration
  • End user self-service control panels for setup and customization of purchased product offers
  • APIs to enable easy programmatic control and customization
  • Support for a full range of virtualization technologies including Virtuozzo

Integrated with Odin Service Automation for a complete IaaS business solution

Odin Service Automation works together with FCO to deliver a complete set of business capabilities, including:

  • Storefront integration
  • Automated ordering and provisioning
  • Billing and service plan management
  • Resource reporting and tracking
  • Full reseller and white-label capability
  • Ability to customize workflow so as to drive business processes with the greatest efficiency

Introducing Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a unique cloud orchestration platform that enables service providers to immediately control, build and monitor cloud IaaS services. And by extending their platform to include virtualization based on Virtuozzo, Flexiant will also supports the highest density, highest performance, most cost effective virtualization and storage solution for hosted cloud services.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator
Support Virtuozzo and multiple hypervisors Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator now supports Virtuozzo. In addition it provides support for all common hypervisor technologies including KVM, Citrix XenServer, VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.
Flexible Self-Service FCO self-service capabilities give end users greater control and visibility over their cloud services. FCO enables end customers to:
  • Be significantly more productive
  • Easily fulfill their own requirements
  • Reduce the load on the IT team
    Powerful User Interface Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provides in-depth UI customization options including the ability to:
    • Tag resources
    • Only see the data you want to see
    • Customize the UI for resellers

    Flexiant recognizes that every reseller, customer and user is different so allows each of them to dynamically reconfigure and customize the user interface.

    Multi-Cluster Scalability

    Flexiant scales as a single global platform, with the ability to support multiple countries and multiple continents.

    FCO includes tools to:
    • Manage multiple hypervisors
    • Provide consistent services across multiple data centers
    • Deliver services around the globe

    Flexiant ‘Trigger’ technology allows service providers to extend their platform to orchestrate not only the infrastructure and applications, but a whole host of other solutions and services including BI/analytics tools, OSS/BSS, DCIM Tools, infrastructure, billing, payments and CRM systems, ISV apps and other *aaS services.

    Flexiant Plugin ‘Trigger’ technology enables service providers to:
    • Apply customization based on business logic
    • Create plugins to extend services to best of breed vendors and ecosystem partners
    • Easily modify and extend the platform based on business needs
    Application Blueprints Flexiants’ Bento Box application blueprints solution contains all the key information to successfully build and deploy applications in the cloud – including server, software, storage, network, images and firewall details, and how they all relate together.

    Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is designed to integrate easily with existing back office systems using our unique, sophisticated plugin technology.

    • Integrate seamlessly into your existing back office systems?
    • Offer powerful integrations with third party tools?
    • Integrate and utilize existing CRM, billing systems or portals?
    • Adapt your cloud to easily meet customer demand?