BroadSoft BroadWorks PBX

Offer the fastest growing service in the cloud

Offer a complete solution with Business class email, Collaboration Tools, Instant Messaging, and complete Telephony services for one reasonable price.

Lower Churn
Considered one of the stickiest products, once established, small businesses are loathe to change their telephony service as it may require reprinting many of their materials.

Launch Quickly
Turn your launch plan from years to weeks with our experienced team to customize your system for you unique value proposition

Fully Automate
Sign up customers online with intuitive work flows and be able to fully provision services with no human re-entry of info.

And because your PBX is hosted in the cloud, you no longer have to buy or maintain a physical piece of hardware or hire an IT person to staff it. Just plug your configured phones into the Internet and start answering customers’ calls. Offer an essential communications service that nearly all your customers can use.  When bundled with other communications tools like email, instant messenger, and messaging and collaboration, customers tend to stick around. Odin enables you to use your own Broadsoft equipment or resell wholesale service.

For more information, please read the BroadWorks PBX data sheet or contact a local sales representative.