Fraud Screening

Service Automation provides a comprehensive fraud screening module that automatically monitors both online and offline transactions. Fraud screening results are integrated into your workflow process, enabling you to automatically or manually approve orders or reject them, depending on the results of the fraud check. By catching fraud before you accept an order and implement the associated services, you save time and money.

How Fraud Screening Works

Service Automation includes over 20 fraud plug-ins that you can incorporate into your fraud screening process. These plug-ins enable you to create fraud screening rules, weight them individually, and assign them to specific workflows. With this flexibility, you can filter new orders differently from renewal orders, and automated orders differently from manual orders.

After the fraud filter screens an order, it places potentially fraudulent transactions into a manual order flow for review. If upon further review, you determine that the order is indeed fraudulent, you can update the blacklist of credit cards and accounts with the click of a button. The tight integration of the fraud screening plug-ins with the Service Automation system makes it easy to keep these lists up to date as part of the regular course of doing business.

You can integrate the Odin fraud screening plug-ins with your existing fraud checks, and you can also write your own custom plug-ins, using the Service Automation API.

Available Fraud Screening Plug-Ins

The table below includes a list of available fraud screening plug-ins. Some plug-ins that perform similar functions have been grouped together.

Plug-In NameDescription
Accounts per Credit Card Checks the number of accounts associated with a single credit card.
Black Credit Cards
Black Domains
Black E-mail Addresses
Black IP Addresses
Black Phones
Black Service Plans
Determines if the order is associated with any of the blacklists maintained by the system. You can maintain blacklists for credit cards, domain names, IP addresses, phone numbers, service plans, and e-mail addresses.
Cardholder Name Determines if the name of the payment cardholder matches the name of the account owner.
Cardholder Address Determines if the address of the payment cardholder matches the billing address.
Credit Card per Account Checks the number of credit cards with different cardholder names associated with a single customer account.
Fraudulent Password Determines if the password matches a password from a fraudulent account.
GeoIP Determines if the customer’s address or the payment method address is associated with a potentially fraudulent country. You can configure the country list to match your markets. This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from:
Excessive Usage Flags accounts or credit cards which have usage over a preset threshold, which you establish.
Lower Case Account
Flags orders that are entered with all lower-case letters.
Orders Per Account Determines the number of orders placed from a single account.
Payment Confirmation Determines if payments are from payment systems and countries that you designate as requiring manual processing.
Payment Verification Verifies that the payment method is consistent with the customer's country and is authorized by the payment processor.
Preauthorization Submits credit card for preauthorization at the fraud screening stage (before creating the payment).
Subscription Period Determines if the subscription period exceeds a preset threshold, which you establish.
Transaction Amount Determines if a transaction is higher than a preset threshold, which you establish.
Zip Code Verifies zip code parameters associated with U.S.-based orders.