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Odin Product Expert Program

The Odin Product Expert (OPE) program consists of our customers across the Odin Community who are passionate about our products. Our OPE’s are recognized for their high level of technical expertise, willingness to participate in interactive conversations with other members of the Odin Community and for being leaders in their knowledge of our products.

Our OPE’s are independent of Odin and share their thoughts and opinions in our Forums and online community pages such as Facebook and Twitter.  OPE’s offer valuable advice on their experiences and come from a wide variety of backgrounds including business owners, programmers, Odin Partners and individual users of our products.  The varied background of OPE’s help round out our conversations that take place every day in the fast growing Odin Online Community

Kellie Green, Vice-President of World Wide Support on the highlights of the Odin Product Expert Program

Why become a Odin Product Expert?

  • Public recognition on the Odin Product Expert website and an official program graphic for use in the Odin Forums and other approved materials
  • Direct contact to select Odin personnel
  • Opportunity to network with other Odin Product Experts
  • Exclusive sneak-peek into Odin products, invitation to Odin events, and free Odin branded apparel and gear
  • A chance to win an all-expense paid trip to the annual Odin Summit
  • Quarterly Newsletter Updates from Odin Product and Support Teams.

Want to become a Odin Product Expert?

Potential candidates for the Odin Product Expert program are those that have a track record of providing valuable technical advice within the community and have demonstrated a long term commitment to regularly participating in Odin technical support forums. If you would like to become a OPE, you can either apply directly yourself or nominate a fellow community member. Once the OPE team has received the application or nomination, potential candidates undergo a careful validation process in which a team of Odin employees analyzes whether or not the candidate fulfills the criteria of what it means to be a OPE.


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Be a part of the Odin Ecosystem

At Odin Summit, leading service providers (SP) gather to exchange ideas on expanding and building new services, learn to create business opportunities through the Odin ecosystem, and make connections through exclusive networking events.

Each year, we invite a SP product expert to attend Odin Summit as our guest. In 2014, we chose Kristian Marcroft, founder and CEO of LiWiNeA GmbH, a German company that provides VPS through Odin platforms. Kristian said being named as a SP product expert has helped him gain recognition for his business as a technically qualified hoster, and has even led to him securing consulting assignments.

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