Parallels Service Provider Business is Now Odin

What’s in a name? If you ask us, we’d say everything.

As our business has grown and evolved, so have our product offerings and target audiences. To support a deeper focus in different areas, Parallels is moving to two distinct brands: our service provider team is now Odin, while our cross-platform solutions team will continue to use the name Parallels.

Learn more about this change, including how it will help us serve our partners and why we chose Odin as our new name.

If you have additional questions, please see our FAQs below.

Introducing Odin

Odin – formerly Parallels service provider business – provides the software that powers the cloud ecosystem, from small and local hosters to some of the world’s largest telecommunication companies. Learn more about Odin.

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    Why are you creating a new brand for the service provider business?

    As Parallels has grown and evolved, so have our product offerings and target audiences. To support a deeper focus in different areas, Parallels is moving to two distinct brands: our cross-platform team will retain the name Parallels, and our service provider team will become Odin. The Odin name better captures the Parallels service provider business unit in terms of the broad scope of what the team offers.

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    Why did you choose Odin as the new brand name of your service provider business?

    In Norse mythology, Odin is a god known for being a seeker and giver of wisdom. Odin is a figure of great breadth and in that spirit, we are not defined by a single trait or one product. Instead, we offer a variety of software and tools that allow our partners to succeed at any scale. 

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    Does this change impact any contracts with Parallels or my partner status?

    No, our brand change does not impact any current legal contracts or your partner status. Moving forward, legal contracts will refer to Parallels service provider business as Odin.

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    Are your solutions, roadmaps, or product names changing?

    As Odin, we’ll continue to provide the latest technologies and first-class service to our partners, but with a sharper focus on delivering the solutions that service providers need to succeed in the cloud.

    Some product names will change to align with our new brand. For example, Parallels Automation will become Service Automation. Please note that some of these name changes may not be implemented immediately but over time as we transition to the new brand.

    You can see a list of other upcoming product name changes below, and we will let you know if additional changes are planned.

    Previous Product Name New Name
    Parallels Automation Odin Service Automation
    Parallels Business Automation Standard Odin Business Automation Standard
    Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure Odin Automation for Cloud Infrastructure
    Parallels Plesk Panel Plesk
    Parallels Cloud Server Virtuozzo
    Parallels Plesk Automation Plesk Automation
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    Will this rebranding lead to changes in your product user interfaces and documentation?

    Yes. Over the course of upcoming product releases, we will update our user interfaces and documentation to align with the new brand.

  6. 6.
    Will my primary contact person, account representative, or account management team change?

    Your primary contact person or team won’t change, but they may receive a new email address. For example, John Smith’s email address would change from to 

  7. 7.
    Are current price quotes issued by Parallels still valid?

    Yes, all current quotes are still valid until their respective expiration dates and will not be impacted by this rebranding change. 

  8. 8.
    Will I need to update my APS package, documentation, or sales materials?

    Please update your package and branding to reflect the new brand during the next time you APS-certify your package. 

  9. 9.
    Will this rebranding change impact the APS ecosystem?

    No, this rebranding change will not impact the APS standard or ecosystem.  

  10. 10.
    I’m in the middle of a migration or deployment – what should I do?

    This change will not impact current migrations or deployments. Please proceed as usual.

  11. 11.
    What will happen to my open support tickets?

    We will ensure that our support processes are uninterrupted. Your tickets will remain open and there will be no change immediately to our support ticketing system. We will begin transitioning our support forms and the associated URLs to rebranded sites during the next few weeks. Please add “” to your safe senders list as your support team may receive new email addresses.

  12. 12.
    Will my current certifications through Parallels Cloud University remain valid?

    This change will not impact current certifications. Future certifications will be issued by Odin Cloud University.

  13. 13.
    I am currently using your previous logo or name on my company’s website. Where can I download your new logo or find a style guide?

    If you reference Parallels service provider business by our previous name or logo on your website, please update to our new name and logo as soon as possible. You can download Odin’s logo from our logos and artwork page. Please reference the Parallels Branding Style Guide for usage guidelines until the Odin Branding Style Guide is available.

  14. 14.
    Will your website address or social media channels change?

    Please update your bookmarks to our new website at and our new blog at

    If you are already following Parallels service provider business on Twitter or Facebook, you will be automatically transitioned to Odin’s new handles on or around March 24, 2015. If you do not yet follow us, please find us at:

    Twitter: @OdinPlatform | @PleskbyOdin | @OdinHelps

    Facebook: |

    Whether or not you are already connected with us on LinkedIn, you will need to follow our new company page to continue receiving LinkedIn updates.

    LinkedIn: Odin – Company Page

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    I currently subscribe to one or more of your newsletters – do I need to do anything to remain subscribed?

    Our newsletter names won’t change as we transition to the new brand, and you will remain subscribed if you are already a subscriber. By the end of April, our opted-in Odin communications will be sent from Hello@Odin.World. 

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    Who should I contact with additional questions?

    Please contact brand(at)

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