We asked James Bottomley, our CTO of virtualization technology, to look into his crystal ball for 2015 as it pertains to containers. Ok, he doesn’t use a crystal ball (that we know of), but here’s what he predicts will be the top three trends in containers technology in 2015...


A First Look at Retail SMB Cloud Consumption

Parallels now has the ability to dig deeper into our SMB Cloud Insights™ research and analyze customer behavior at the vertical level. There were eight opportunities that jumped out at us when looking at U.S. retail SMBs...

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RHEL vs. Parallels: Key Differentiators in Container Technology (Part 1)

For seemingly the first time, Red Hat is actively marketing containers as a key feature of their newly released Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 7 (RHEL7), despite the fact that containers have long been a component of RHEL...

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Japan Update: Three Keys to Unlocking this “Mature” Cloud Services Market

Let's be clear: when we say the Japanese market for cloud services is “mature,” we’re not saying the party is over. Not by a long shot. This is a large, growing, massive market opportunity...

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Parallels, Containers, and the Docker/Rocket Conundrum

The container world has been shaken up recently by the dispute between Docker and CoreOS. The row was partly about the reusability of the core components in the platform and partly about the idea of having a universal container description...

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Containers in the News

Network World gives us an in-depth look at containers, their history, why Docker, the competition, and what's coming in 2015.

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RHEL vs. Parallels: Key Differentiators in Container Technology (Part 2)

RHEL containers do not provide any image check-pointing capability. Check-pointing is critical because it provides the capability to save a container image...

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United Kingdom Market for Cloud Services Grows by $1B in 2014 - What to do about it?

As one of the most mature markets for cloud services in the world, the United Kingdom might seem like a “no news” candidate on the Parallels Cloud SMB Insights™ front. But that isn’t necessarily true...

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