Did you watch television or listen to the radio sometime today? If so, chances are that you recently participated in a syndication model – but television and radio aren’t the only mediums that profit from syndication. So does the cloud.

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Is bigger always better? According to a new study from Synergy Research Group, the “Big Four” cloud service providers – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM, and Google – have a combined international market share of 54%, and this share has grown for the second consecutive year. Some have claimed this is good news for the Big Four and not-so-good news for everyone else...

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Needing to deliver more while keeping expenses low is one of the great paradoxes for businesses. Vastspace, an Odin web hoster partner located in Singapore, is no exception to this rule...

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See how Odin Service Automation helps service providers address the greatest challenges to delivering cloud services.

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Parallels logos were so last season. Please stay current and replace any Parallels partner logos on your website with the new Odin partner logos. Bronze, silver, gold, and platinum Odin partner icons are located on Odin PartnerNet.

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A lot can change in 16 years. Back in 1999, we had just developed the first concept of a container virtualization technology – and while this would later become a world-class commercial server product, containers were still seldom used and even less frequently understood. If you move to today...

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Take advantage of market trends to deliver the services that your target audience needs to stay competitive. With Odin SMB Cloud Insights™ reports, you’ll learn how SMBs in different countries and regions are buying and consuming cloud services. Download our latest reports today.

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For the latest Odin and industry news, be sure to follow our LinkedIn company page. From product launches to new SMB Cloud Insights™ reports, LinkedIn is often the first source that shares this information. It’s also a great place to find and network with other cloud industry professionals.

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Conetix needed a way to easily scale the capacity and performance of their systems. However, traditional storage area network (SAN) platforms led to an uneven balance of cost versus performance. With Virtuozzo, Conetix was not only able to address their scaling goals but also went on to save 20% in hardware and licensing costs.

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As it ramped up its business, Vastspace’s priority was to meet their customers’ requirements for smooth web migration while reducing the time and manpower resources needed to achieve this. With the help of Plesk 12, Vastspace saved 50% in tech support hours and gained access to capabilities including PHP integration, enhanced security, and the WordPress toolkit.

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Following a successful pilot that resulted in 80% of participants buying a Microsoft Lync subscription, Cobweb is now introducing its Odin Service Automation-based service to existing and new customers across Europe. In this video case study, Cobweb discusses how Odin Service Automation enables them to create targeted, value-added bundles anchored by Office 365.

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