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Odin Named to CRN's 2015 Virtualization 50

Virtuozzo is ideal for service providers who want to capitalize on emerging, container-dependent technologies that will help them build new offerings and attract new audiences, such as cloud application developers, to create new revenue streams. Service providers have made Odin containers the most deployed in the world with over one million instances...

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OpenStack Board Approves Odin as Gold Member of the Foundation

The board of directors of the OpenStack Foundation approved Odin as their newest gold member during its meeting at the OpenStack Summit...

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The Global SMB Cloud Services Market will Reach $158.9B USD by 2018

Across the globe, SMBs are entering the cloud market. North America ($51.8B USD) and Europe ($42.9B USD) will continue to be the largest markets while the strongest growth will come from Sub-Saharan Africa (28.8% CAGR) and Latin America (23.5% CAGR).

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United States to Experience 11.4% Cloud Industry Growth over the Next Three Years

The new report forecasts that the small and medium business (SMB) cloud services market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.4% in the next three years from $25.2B in 2015 to $34.9B by 2018.

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The Netherlands SMB Cloud Services Market is Set to Reach €1.2B ($1.5B USD) by 2018

As hosted services become the new normal, growth will no longer be driven primarily by early adopters. This means there is tremendous opportunity for service providers who offer competitively priced and well-featured cloud products.

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Turkish SMBs are Increasingly Moving to the Cloud

The Turkish SMB market will reach 6.7B TRY ($2.7B USD) by 2018 as SMBs recognize the value of cloud services. Although this market is relatively immature in terms of cloud services, it will see strong annual growth at 28% over the next three years. The fastest growing areas for SMBs are IaaS and SaaS.

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Sell Office 365 and EMS Today – Get to Market Faster with Odin Service Automation

Are you a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program partner who wants to successfully launch and sell Microsoft Office 365, EMS (Enterprise Mobility Suite), and other related cloud services? With Odin Service Automation, partners can automate and streamline the CSP program’s end-to-end process on a single platform...

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How to Change “Mobilegeddon” into a Mobile Opportunity

A mobile-optimized website is quickly becoming a SMB’s ticket to the top of search results, more site visitors, and potentially higher profits. However, our research shows this is an important ticket that many SMBs are lacking – which creates a major opportunity for service providers...

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Are You Connected with Odin on LinkedIn?

When we moved to the Odin brand, we also published a new company page on LinkedIn to provide you with up-to-the-minute news, product updates, and more. By following Odin, you’ll receive these updates right in your LinkedIn home feed...

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Canadian Cloud Services Market Forecasted to Reach $4.1B CAD ($3.6B USD) by 2018, Growing at an Overall CAGR of 12%

Canadian SMBs are finding real value in moving their business functions into the cloud. Across all categories, many Canadian SMBs are significant consumers of cloud services and many plan to scale these functions as their businesses grow in coming years.

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Italian Cloud Services Market is Forecasted to Reach €4.9B ($6.2B USD) by 2018

As SMBs find it advantageous to move business functions into the cloud, the Italian SMB cloud services market is poised to grow at an overall 21% CAGR over the next three years. Each category of services offers many profitable avenues, but service providers must keep up with the complex and evolving demands of their SMB customers.

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Poland’s SMBs See Value in Moving Business Services into the Cloud

From communications and business applications to customer support, Polish service providers have the opportunity to offer valuable hosted solutions to SMB customers. Odin is optimistic that the Polish SMB cloud services market will see continued growth in coming years.

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Indonesian Cloud Services Market to Double Present Size by 2018

The Indonesian cloud services market is set for very strong growth in coming years as many SMBs are now discovering the value of cloud services and will enter the market for the first time. This is spurred on by improvements in network infrastructure and high expectations of economic growth.

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Advance Your Career & Accelerate Your Business through Odin Cloud University

Odin Cloud University provides knowledge and skills to improve the profitability and efficiency of your business. It’s the fastest way to get up to speed on administrating and supporting Odin products.

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