Parallels Desktop® 9 for Mac


Mac 사용자들이 선택한 최고의 솔루션
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Desktop® 9



*PD7와 그 이상의 상위 버전 제품 업그레이드

  • Get The Best of Both Worlds!

    We believe that your computer should work and play as hard as you do and that choice is good, but not having to choose is better. Parallels lets you run Windows applications on your Mac for school, home or office. Need multiple copies? We have a discount for that. You can even run Windows and Linux on a single PC. Parallels offers a suite of desktop solutions for everyone.

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  • Work Smarter
  • Parallels Health Care Solutions
  • Mac in the enterprise

    IT teams can say YES to Macs while meeting internal requirements for policy compliance, simplified mass deployments and ease of use.

    Business users can seamlessly run both Windows-based applications and Mac applications side by side without compromise.

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  • Master the Macs in your business

    Extend your existing SCCM system and fully manage Macs and their virtual machines.

    Parallels Management Suite for Microsoft SCCM gives you a universal and comprehensive cross-platform solution to manage Macs and PCs with ease. This plug-in extends your SCCM infrastructure, processes, and skills, so you can master your Macs.

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Parallels는 모든 주요 하드웨어, 운영 체제, 가상화 플랫폼에 걸쳐 고객, 기업 및 서비스 제공자의 컴퓨팅을 최적화하는 가상화 및 자동화 소프트웨어 분야를 이끌어 가고 있습니다. 1999년에 설립된 Parallels는 북미, 유럽, 아시아 등지에서 직원 800명을 두고 있으며 빠르게 성장하고 있습니다.
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