Odin Automation Essentials

Cloud and Hosting Business Tranformation Streamlined and Simplified

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Odin Automation Essentials

Scale your cloud practice. Create new revenue opportunities. Go to market faster.

Dramatically increase operational efficiency and immediately increase profitability with Odin Automation Essentials, a comprehensive cloud automation platform. This game changing cloud service automation platform comes with e-commerce capabilities that enable cloud and hosting service providers to quickly scale their growing businesses. Bill, provision, and manage a combination of syndicated SaaS cloud services, web hosting services and self-managed solutions from your own branded cloud marketplace. With existing Microsoft 1-Tier Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) contracts, partners can bundle Microsoft cloud-based solutions such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Windows 10 together with web and virtual private server (VPS) hosting services and their own professional services to maximize revenue opportunities and differentiate their brand.

Start selling the leading Microsoft cloud solutions online in just a few hours and get to market faster.

Accelerate your go-to-market strategy with Microsoft CSP services using end-to-end automation. Odin Automation Essentials will eliminate the added expense, time and resources needed to build a cloud practice on your own. You can be ready to deploy and sell cloud services to your customers in just a few hours. And with ongoing product updates, you’ll now be able to instantly add services as they become available, minimizing your IT needs while exceeding customer expectations and requirements.

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Add on additional products and services to create new revenue opportunity and increase margins.

Bundle, cross-sell, or up-sell a combination of SaaS services, infrastructure services, web hosting services and your own corresponding offerings to drive new revenue, and become a one-stop-shop for your customers. Secure payment plugins empower you to monetize targeted interactions with clients the way you see fit.

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Do business smarter so you can scale and grow services delivery.

Through automation, you’ll now be able to achieve more with less by focusing your limited bandwidth and resources on customer service, marketing, and business development rather than building and maintaining a costly infrastructure on your own. Automate everything from orders, billing and payments to configuration, administration and provisioning so you can expand your portfolio and build on recurring revenue.

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Simplify cloud services management and gain the competitive advantage.

Manage all stages of the customer lifecycle and end-to-end processes of cloud service delivery with a current end user experience – one logon, one bill, and intuitive self-service control panels. Get Odin Automation Essentials and start selling Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Windows 10 licenses with web hosting, VPS hosting, and self-managed solutions on your own service automation platform today.

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