• Odin Automation

    for Cloud Infrastructure

    • On-demand scalability
    • Usage-based pricing
    • Choice of virtualization technology
    • Automated operations and billing

Odin Automation for Cloud Infrastructure

Odin Automation for Cloud Infrastructure (PACI) is a complete solution for delivering Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). PACI is deployed as a service module of Service Automation and enables Service Providers to deliver a virtual data center with fully integrated Parallels Containers and Parallels Cloud Server, automation, billing, customer self-service capability and online store.

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PacHosting chooses Odin Automation for Cloud Infrastructure

PacHosting deployed Odin Automation for Cloud Infrastructure for its ability to provide the flexibility and elastic scalability needed to deliver cost-effective IaaS services to customers using a single, highly-automated platform.
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The Complete Solution for Cloud Infrastructure Services

Virtualization. Odin is the only company that gives you the flexibility to create both virtual machines and containers. Containers are more efficient, offering higher density and better performance, as well as being easier to manage, but if customers prefer to manage their own operating system, they have the option of creating virtual machines.

Automated operations and billing. Offering Odin Automation for Cloud Infrastructure requires minimal effort on your part, because everything is automated—from creating and provisioning virtual machines, to removing them, to billing for Cloud services. As a result, you can run your Cloud services business efficiently and profitably.

Customer self-service. A self-service panel makes it easy for customers to manage their own Cloud data centers and virtual environments, enabling them to make any changes they want instantly, while minimizing your support requirements. And they don’t have to be IT professionals to do it: the easy-to-use interface enables them to make modifications easily, without writing any code.

Online store. If you already have an online store you can use it to sell your customers Cloud services—but if you don’t we’ve got one for you. With OACI you can start offering Cloud services and generating revenues immediately.

What Makes OACI Different?

Odin Automation for Cloud Infrastructure is the only Cloud service enablement solution to deliver everything service providers need to instantly and profitably offer Cloud services to their small and mid-size business customers.

Elastic scalability, plus use-based pricing. A key advantage of the Cloud is the ability to grow or shrink resources instantly as workloads increase or decrease. OACI provides that flexibility. And with use-based pricing, your customer’s only pay for what they use, making Cloud services highly appealing.

Containers Virtualization. OACI provides the ability to create Containers delivering the highest density and best performing virtualization for the Cloud. Containers allow Service Providers to:

  • Maximize hardware investments by increasing server ratios - reducing costs & improving profitability
  • Automate near instant provisioning and on-the-fly modification of Cloud Server plans
  • Lower operational costs by reducing the administrative burden of day to day operations

A simple user interface—plus access to APIs. The easy-to-use interface means your SMB customers don’t have to be IT professionals to use OACI. But for customers who need a customizable solution, we’ve made the APIs easily accessible, giving them programmatic control over the entire environment and enabling them to enhance it with business logic specific to their company.

Multi-tenant efficiency. The ability to house multiple customers in separate virtual servers on the same physical server enables Service Providers to do more with less, further increasing profitability.

A turnkey, hardware agnostic solution. OACI is a comprehensive solution, offering all the capabilities Service Providers need to immediately start generating revenues from Cloud services—on any hardware platform.

Self-service provisioning and administration. Extensive automation lets customers easily provision their own Cloud services by simply clicking a button on a panel. Administration is equally easy, enabling customers to grow, shrink, and delete Cloud resources, load-balance across multiple virtual machines or containers, and protect them with security features such as firewalls.

Load balancing and security. OACI offers automatic load balancing and security (including firewalls) across multiple servers.

Modular architecture. OACI is modular, giving Service Providers access to a broad range of services. You can choose to use all or a subset, and can also integrate it with your own solutions. For example, you could use OACI's billing service or online store, or integrate OACI with your existing billing solution and online store.

OACI System Requirements

Odin Automation for Cloud Infrastructure (OACI) is part of the Service Automation product suite, a comprehensive solution that automates all aspects of offering, delivering, managing, and billing Cloud services. To run Odin Automation for Cloud Infrastructure, you will also need to be running the two main products within the Service Automation suite.

Odin Cloud Infrastructure requires the following hardware

Management Server
(This server supports the entire OSA Deployment;
Operations Automation and Business Automation and all OACI components)
32Gb RAM
2x Quad Core
2x NICs
32Gb RAM
2x Quad Core
2x NICs
Images and Backup Server 2Gb RAM
1x Quad Core
1Tb (more is better)
1x Quad Core
Virtualization Cloud Server 1 32Gb RAM
2x Quad Core
64Gb RAM
4x Quad Core
Virtualization Cloud Server 2 64Gb RAM
4x Quad Core
64Gb RAM
4x Quad Core

Minimum network requirements:

  • 7 external IP addresses
  • 12 internal IP addresses (3 for the systems above and 9 for the OSA management components)
  • 24 public network with a gateway inside (for creating cloud servers)

A complete specification of hardware requirements for Service Automation, including OACI is available here.

OACI Customer Usage Scenarios

What are some of the ways your customers might use OACI? Here are just a few:

Application Hosting

Running applications that are hosted in the Cloud rather than on localized physical infrastructure (also called software as a service, or SaaS) offers significant benefits. It reduces risk, eliminates large up-front license payments, and gets rid of all the maintenance headaches, from dealing with patches and updates to performing backups to maintaining both the infrastructure and the application itself. The no-maintenance advantage is particularly important for smaller businesses, which typically don’t have in-house IT staff. 

Odin Automation for Cloud Infrastructure is ideal for running hosted applications—even for resource-intensive applications, such as online gaming. It’s highly scalable, so when workloads peak, customers can create multiple servers instantly and use the built-in load balancers to redistribute workloads across all their servers. Customers pay only for the resources they’re actually using, so when workloads drop off, so does the cost. OACI offers high security through its private network (vLAN) and firewalls, and future support for network as well as local storage enables it to store large volumes of data.


OACI is a great solution for hosting databases. Its vLAN capabilities completely secure traffic between the front-end servers running applications and the back end database servers; its built-in firewall adds additional security; and its backup capabilities provide additional protection for customer data. OACI will also include prebuilt server templates to further simplify the process of setting up databases in the Cloud.


Adding e-commerce capability can help SMBs rapidly grow their business, but setting it up can be a challenge. OACI vastly simplifies the process. The Service Provider can supply customers with prebuilt templates that make it easy to provision servers that run e-commerce applications. Customers can easily (without any IT expertise) increase the resources assigned to each of the servers whenever they need more computing power, and can just as easily decrease resources when they no longer need them. Built-in load balancing lets customers handle peak front-end loads, such as might occur during Christmas sales or after a successful ad campaign, so they never have to worry about losing business due to overloaded servers. And OACI offers all the security SMBs need, as well: vLANs to secure traffic between servers; a firewall to protect the servers; and automatic backups to protect data.

High-performance computing

OACI is the perfect solution for high-performance computing. Harnessing the elasticity of the Cloud, it’s able to deliver huge amounts of computing power whenever customers need it. With the ability to create servers on-demand, customers can easily create whatever resources they need, in the exact configuration they want. A flexible approach to server configuration lets customers assign the specific amount of RAM, CPUs, and disk space they need for each server. Using the RESTful API, they can even set up the servers to be automatically created and run at specific times, expanded or contracted as needed, and de-provisioned when no longer needed, paying only for the time the environments actually exist.

Web hosting

OACI is a great way to offer Web hosting services—and customers can start with one server and add more as their business grows. The ability of OACI to deliver true Cloud elasticity makes it highly cost-effective: SMBs can increase the resources assigned to their servers whenever they need to and decrease them when they no longer need them, paying only for what they actually use. Built-in load-balancing distributes workloads across multiple servers, ensuring high availability, and a vLAN and firewalls provide high security.

Media and Entertainment

Providing media and entertainment requires a significant amount of on-demand computing power—for example, for encoding and editing—and lots of storage space. OACI offers both. It can deliver as much computing power as customers want, whenever they want it and future support for both local and network storage gives you plenty of storage options.

These service providers count on Odin Automation for Cloud Infrastructure to deliver their complete cloud IaaS solution: