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CloudKilat delivers affordable cloud services to all users without compromising reliability or service quality

Infinys System adopts Parallels control panel and cloud solutions to fulfil its vision for the SME market in Indonesia.

Founded in 2007, Infinys System Indonesia is a leading cloud services provider in the country. Over the years, it has built up a strong reputation for affordable and reliable services backed by excellent support. In September 2013, it extended this value proposition to start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SME) with the introduction of CloudKilat, a suite of cloud services aimed at meeting the IT needs of this market segment.

Business challenge

In line with its vision for CloudKilat, Infinys System had to ensure that its services were delivered with a high level of performance and reliability, and yet remained affordable. Another key business imperative was to provide strong customer support in order to ensure that the quality of service was never compromised.

To deliver this, the company needed a hosting environment and cloud services platform that was scalable and easy to manage, allowing it to focus its resources on improving the customer experience.

The Solution

To address these requirements, Infinys System evaluated several control panel solutions and cloud services platforms. After a two-month study, it decided to go with Parallels Plesk Automation (PPA) and Parallels Cloud Server (PCS). “Parallels has a strong track record in supporting the hosting business and they constantly deliver new capabilities that help us, as a hosting and cloud service provider, to deliver value to our customers” said Dondy Bappedyanto, General Manager of Infinys System Indonesia.

PPA was deployed to manage the hosting environment for CloudKilat because “other control panels could not deliver what PPA promised us”, said Bappedyanto.

Unlike single-server control panels, PPA is a scalable multi-server offering. This means Infinys System would not have to deploy additional control panels as the number of servers proliferate.

Also, unlike many control panels in the market which put multiple workloads (such as the domain name server, database server, web server and mail server) onto a single physical server, PPA allows Infinys to dedicate each server to a single workload and manage them all from an intuitive, customizable panel.

Infinys System was also an early adopter of PCS, deploying the solution just three months after it was released. PCS is a flexible virtualization solution that allows both containers and hypervisors to be deployed on the same physical server. One of its key components is Parallels Cloud Storage, a distributed, shared solution that decouples storage from computation, providing SAN-like storage capabilities and eliminating downtime due to hardware failures. “We deployed PCS because we believe that the future of storage is in the cloud,” said Bappedyanto.


“Parallels has enabled us to deliver the vision that we have for CloudKilat, which is to provide cloud and hosting services that are affordable and reliable,” said Bappedyanto.

High levels of reliability

Parallels ensures a high level of reliability on several fronts, allowing CloudKilat to meet the high-availability requirements of customers such as e-commerce sites that need to be up 24x7.

PCS plays a key role in this by allowing applications to be migrated instantly to a working physical server should the original server go down. Similarly, if a storage component were to fail, the applications can continue to operate using data replicated on other hard drives in the storage cluster. This ensures a high level of availability without the company having to invest in multiple RAID systems.

PPA also helps minimise the risk of one point of failure by allowing servers to be dedicated to specific workloads. “With PPA, I can make sure that if one workload fails, it will not affect the others. So, for example, if the mail server were to go down, the web server still remains available so visitors to the web site will not be affected.”

Easy to manage

By doing away with multiple workloads on a single server, the hosting environment also becomes easier to manage. If there are any issues with specific elements within the environment, the CloudKilat support team can easily identify the source of the problem. There are also advantages from the scalability perspective. With the separation of roles, it becomes easier to provision additional resources that are needed for a particular type of workload.

From a more macro perspective, tight integration between the Parallels solutions enables Infinys to launch both hosting and cloud services on a single platform and makes it easier to manage the entire infrastructure. This, in turn, enables the CloudKilat support team to address customer issues quickly and effectively, delivering a response time of below 15 minutes and a resolution time of under an hour.


Another aspect of CloudKilat’s vision is to ensure that the benefits of cloud services can be enjoyed by all levels of users. Parallels plays a role in this by helping to lower the cost of service deployment and allowing savings to be passed on to the customer.

For example, Parallels helps eliminate integration costs with the inclusion of Parallels Cloud Storage in PCS. “Many solutions focus on one thing or the other, and we would have to do a lot of integration to get the different components to work together,” said Bappedyanto. “We wanted something that is integrated from the get-go, so that we can make our services more affordable for the customer. PCS delivers that with an integrated product that gives us both storage and virtualization capabilities out-of-the-box.”