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Simplify Digital and Cloud
with Speed and Scale

Lead the way to digital transformation with this ground-up reinvention of Odin Automation Premium. This next generation platform enables leading service providers worldwide to easily automate end-to-end services delivery, differentiate their offerings and digitally transform their business with speed and scale across IoT, cloud, XaaS and telco core services. All using a single platform.

Streamline End-to-End
Services Delivery Management

The next generation of Odin Automation Premium platform automates and manages the entire lifecycle of digital services delivery, including service orchestration and subscription management, cloud marketplace enablement, billing automation and reseller management, and data analytics. You can also leverage the platform to seamlessly integrate, manage and monetize your own solutions to support accelerated digital innovation and transformation.

What’s New with the Next Generation
of Odin Automation Premium

The Odin Automation Premium platform now features innovative capabilities designed to empower the success of service providers in the digital and cloud economy. Here’s how:

Ingram Micro Federation

Scale your portfolio effectively accessing Ingram Micro Cloud’s extensive catalog with simplified contracting, deployment, billing and support.

IoT Subscription and Catalog Management

Automate end-to-end subscription and catalog management for digital and IoT services onboarding and reduce time-to-market with a streamlined, consistent experience.

Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator

Build, deploy and manage workloads in public and private cloud environments across best-in-class multi-IaaS solutions – all from a single portal.

Business Intelligence

Monetize your cloud business data with a turnkey BI solution to effectively monitor business health and create tailored offerings.

APS Connect

Simplify service onboarding and deployment using APS Connect, a cloud-based service integration automation tool.

New Hosting Modules

Reinforce your hosting practices with the most popular web shared hosting and IaaS hosting plans powered by Plesk 12.5, Plesk Onyx, Virtuozzo 7 and WordPress.

Trusted by the World’s Leading Cloud Service Providers

Ingram Micro Cloud delivers the technology, expertise and platform to simplify the success of our partners in the cloud.
Together, we enable partners to thrive by lifting their customers’ businesses to the cloud with the power
of the Ingram Micro Ecosystem of Cloud™.

Five Reasons to Choose the Next Generation Platform

  • Accelerate Transformation
  • Scale Business Effectively
  • Optimize Sales and Reseller Channels
  • Elevate Customer Experience and Data Insights
  • Grow the Way You Want

Speed Your Digital Transformation with End-to-End Automation Across IoT, Cloud, XaaS and Your Core Services

  • Seamless subscription and catalog management for digital and cloud services
  • Rapid onboarding and deployment of new innovative services with APS Connect
  • Enable flexible business models – self-hosted by provider, syndicated, hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Dramatically simplified new services contracting, management and distribution via Ingram Micro Federation

Scale and Profit with the Industry’s Most Extensive Services Ecosystem and Platform

  • The ecosystem of best-in-class, prepackaged solutions to scale your portfolio – SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and IoT-as-a-Service
  • Dynamic bundling, cross-sell, upsell, and in-context selling to enable high-profit offerings
  • Robust billing and subscription management, pricing, promotion and order management
  • Mission-critical scalability that gives global top services providers the ability to grow substantially

Maximize Your Reach with Proven Sales and Reseller Channel Management

  • Robust omni-sales channels and multi-tier reseller management includes online marketplace, field, call centers, resellers and more
  • Extensive, white-label multi-tier reseller management
  • Comprehensive marketplace options include out-of-the-box storefront, control panel or custom integrations

Improve the Customer Experience and Monetize Data Insights Across Services

  • Single sign-on, role-based control panels with customer self-service
  • Cutting-edge customer experience enables users to purchase, manage, and consume services using a single panel
  • New Business Intelligence suite with KPI dashboards, advanced analytics and predictive analytics

Choose Where, When and How to Expand Your Business with This Highly Available Platform

  • Comprehensive APIs allow the platform to work seamlessly with your existing billing, ERP or other systems
  • Flexible subscription, pricing, promotion and order management options
  • Complete payment and domain plug-ins available
  • Data sovereignty with on-premises deployment model

The Platform of Choice for Leading Global Cloud Service Providers

  • 6M+

    Over 6 million end users worlwide

  • 2.7M+

    Serving more than 2.7 million SMBs

  • 2.3M+

    Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 users

  • 17+

    Leverage our more than 17 years of industry experience

  • 1/3

    Used by 1/3 of the world’s top telcos

Sell Profitable Services with Our Comprehensive Services Catalog

Select and sell from a leading catalog of hundreds of solutions powered by an ecosystem of the largest ISVs.

  • Improve Productivity

  • Increase Interaction

  • Business Agility

  • Protecting your Business

  • Digital Business

  • Customer Engagement

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