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Grow Your Cloud Services Business Fast

with Odin Cloud Acceleration Services

Want to get your new cloud services to market fast? Choose Odin Cloud Acceleration Services—a suite of services specifically designed to help you profitably and rapidly launch new cloud services through Service Automation.

We’ll help you determine the right services to offer; provide you with critical business thinking and best practices, developed over more than 200 Service Automation deployments; and analyze your sales channel, roadmap, and buyer/reseller experience to identify ways to increase your profits and grow your subscriber base. As a result, you’ll:

  • Quickly identify ways to profit from the tremendous cloud opportunity that exists among small and medium businesses (SMB) worldwide.
  • Accelerate your time to market—and decrease your time to revenue by 30 to 50%. Note: This is based on a typical time of six to nine months for a service provider to develop and launch a new service—and our proven ability to cut that time by three months.
  • Grow your average revenue per user.
  • Expand your customer base.

“By late 2015, we estimate that the global SMB market for the major hosted services will be $95.7 billion USD, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28% over the next three years.”

Odin SMB Insights™ 2013

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Market

To successfully sell cloud services to SMBs, you need an in-depth understanding of your target markets—markets that may differ significantly according to both the size of the businesses you’re targeting and the countries in which they’re located. Odin Cloud Acceleration Services includes 3 offerings that will help you more fully understand your target markets.

Cloud Business Strategy

This service applies our extensive experience in the SMB cloud services market to help you develop your channel strategy, business case, and cloud service portfolio. The four-week engagement includes:

  • Cloud market assessment: Analysis of the market and key trends, based both on our own Odin SMB Cloud Insights™ 2013 research and on research from leading market analysts. This service concludes with a report, delivered via a web conference.
  • Cloud business strategy workshop: A two-day workshop in which we help you define your target market, service portfolio, and channel strategy.
  • Business case review: A review of your cloud business case, with recommendations delivered via a web conference.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Are You Ready to Make the Most of the Cloud Opportunity?

To help you grow a successful cloud business, we have developed a Cloud Readiness Assessment which examines key cloud business elements including business case, product definition, business processes, and channel plan. The output is a set of clear, actionable recommendations specific to your business that will help you overcome obstacles and leverage best practice for successful market entry.

The Assessment utilizes Odin's Blueprint for Cloud Success. The Blueprint is a plan for a successful cloud business based on our industry expertise and best practice gained from working with service providers worldwide. The Assessment compares your plans to the Blueprint to determine your state of readiness and identify key areas from improvement. To find out more please click here.

Odin SMB Cloud Insights™ Research Service

During 2011 and 2012, Odin interviewed SMBs of different sizes, industries, and countries about their cloud service consumption, future plans, and attitudes. Based on this research, we’ve created comprehensive views of the SMB market for cloud services in 14 countries, as well as for the global, European regional, and Asia-Pacific regional SMB markets. You can download any of these reports here.

In addition, the Odin SMB Cloud Insights™ Research Service can create a custom report for your specific markets, tailored to your research objectives. This service includes surveying the target markets you identify and analyzing the results, including comparing them with findings from our global research. We deliver the report as part of a workshop or web conference.

To learn more about either service, contact your Odin Account Manager or email.

Learn How to Monetize the Cloud

According to Odin SMB Cloud Insights 2013, with the global cloud services market for small and medium businesses expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 27%, reaching $88B USD by the end of 2015, tremendous opportunities exist for service providers that know how to monetize the cloud. Odin Cloud Acceleration Services includes three offerings that will help you do just that:

1) Cloud Go-to-Market Service

This is a five-week engagement designed to accelerate your go-to-market and launch plans by helping you to define:

  • Packaging details, including features, functions, activities, deliverables, support levels and pricing.
  • Service experince, the business processes including the steps that customers take to order services, service onboarding, billing and end-user notifications.
  • Bundling options.

Learn more about Cloud Go-to-Market Service.

2) Channel Planning Service

This is a four-week engagement to analyze and prioritize existing sales channels for selling cloud services. The service develops a multi-phase channel plan that includes the sales process, onboarding process, collateral and training requirements, and resources required to execute the plan.

3) Go-to-Market Execution Support

This service extends the standard advisory-level Cloud Go-to-Market service by providing you with a marketing resource to execute your cloud plan for a period of anywhere from 12 to 52 weeks. The support includes product management, product marketing, and program management resources; developing the marketing deliverables; and developing and executing the go-to-market plan.

To learn more about these offerings, contact your Odin Account Manager or send us an email.

Grow Your Cloud Services Business

Once you’ve launched a new cloud service, how do you keep the momentum going? With Odin Cloud Business Optimization—a service that provides you with ongoing, proactive marketing support. This service will help you continually evaluate and re-tune your cloud business, so you can maximize your revenues and grow average revenue per user (ARPU). Choose from any or all of the following components:

  • A post-launch assessment, including a report from Odin and a one-day workshop. Together, these activities will help you assess the end-user experience (including the shopping cart experience, steps in bringing new customers onboard, and cross-selling and upselling) and provide recommendations for any changes that are needed.
  • A release planning service, consisting of a quarterly, two-day workshop that delivers a cloud market update and defines up to five services in terms of their features, functions, activities, and deliverables. The workshop also helps you determine your service bundles, delivery strategy (hosted or syndicated), value proposition, and requirements for support readiness.
  • A two-day reseller program workshop, in which we help you develop plans for expanding your business through new reseller channels.

To learn more about this offering, contact your Odin Account Manager or email.

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