ViUX - Twisted Media

12/01/2013  |  by Parallels
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ViUX - Twisted Media

How Parallels Helps ViUX to Grow with its Customers

Learn how hosting provider ViUX Systems uses a full range of Parallels products to offer customers a hosting platform that grows with them over time, increasing customer retention.

Business Summary

Founded in 2003, ViUX Systems ( is a web hosting provider based in North Carolina. The company offers shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS hosting), dedicated servers, cloud hosting and related add-on services.

With its full suite of hosting services running on the foundation of Parallels products, ViUX delivers high service quality and helps small to medium businesses to succeed online.

One customer, Twisted Media Inc. (, produces audio and visual elements for the entertainment industry. To date, the company has worked on shows including Torchwood, Leverage, and ABC’s Betrayal.

In addition to its own portfolio website, Twisted Media runs Twisted Tracks ( and SFX Source (, two repositories of audio elements for production.

Business Challenge

In 2006, Twisted Media was growing increasingly dissatisfied with its existing web hosting provider.

“Twisted Media was hosted with a cheap hosting provider, and I don’t want to talk about it,” says Derek Frederickson, Founder of Twisted Media. “I was running online businesses, and being online was kind of the only thing that mattered. So I knew I needed a hosting company that offered solid support for ColdFusion, took the time to understand my needs, and could deliver on my needs every time.”

After some online research, Frederickson found ViUX. ViUX runs services using Parallels Plesk Panel, Parallels Containers, and Parallels Cloud Server. Every service was managed and billed through Parallels Business Automation Standard.

On this dependable foundation, the company could give Twisted Media the standard of hosting it required.

“The systems were a bit different back then, but it was the start of the really cool stuff,” says Frederickson. “But even though the quality of service was great, things did not get more complex. Parallels Plesk Panel puts a pretty face on some pretty complicated functions. It makes it look easy when, really, there’s quite a lot going on.”

For ViUX, Parallels products made configuring, managing, and maintaining performance easy. Twisted Media enjoyed consistently good service until late 2011, when stability became more intermittent. This prompted a move to a ViUX private cloud server, again using Parallels technology. However, while increased server resource pools mitigated the issues to some degree, the problem continued.

“We saw how server outage was affecting Twisted Media, right down to the bottom line,” says J.T. Smith, Founder and Managing Director at ViUX Systems. “We decided enough was enough. Parallels products gave us full visibility across the entire infrastructure, helping us to eliminate potential causes. In the end, we used a specialist ColdFusion and MS-SQL developer who was able to uncover the root cause.”

Parallels made it possible for ViUX to provision, manage, support and bill world-class web hosting services for Twisted Media. However, the real challenge was keeping up with evolving requirements for years to come, retaining customers long-term.

The Solution

“My needs have changed considerably over the years I have been with ViUX,” says Twisted Media’s Frederickson. “I wanted faster, more reliable hosting, and I am always looking for opportunities to minimize my costs. With ViUX, growth was made extremely easy.”

When combined with container technology, Parallels Business Automation Standard makes provisioning accounts instant. Then, when a customer needs to expand its presence, access more server resources, or move to a different type of hosting altogether, the container’s associated resources can be changed on the fly. Alternatively, the entire container can be moved to a new server.

For Twisted Media, this growth is essential. Today, Frederickson hosts a large volume of data across multiple service types, including over 1TB of audio files on a cloud virtual private server.

For ViUX, the process of growing services alongside customers is quick, easy, and efficient. As a result, the company can deliver on customer expectation, increase revenue, and retain customers as they grow in scale and value.

The Results

With the support of Parallels, ViUX helps small and medium businesses like Twisted Media to get an entire range of reliable, powerful, and easy to manage hosting services. As their requirements grow, they have no need to turn to another provider.

“It means a lot to us to offer a natural upgrade path,” says Smith from ViUX. “There was a time when we would see customers grow with us but then leave to a competitor. We were losing out on the high value clients. But the scalability of the Parallels platform we have in place puts a stop to that. We support customers as they grow, so we retain their business.”

Today, Twisted Media uses one cloud virtual private server (VPS), two shared cloud servers, and two SSL certificates from ViUX. In addition, the company plans to stay with ViUX as its hosting requirements continue to expand.

“ViUX has been there during setup, and whenever something unexpected happens,” says Frederickson. “They provide the best customer service I’ve seen, and have a commitment to quality of service. But it has also been important that Twisted Media could confidently grow. ViUX gives customers hosting levels from almost free to your own rack of servers, so whether you are starting small or rapidly getting bigger, there is always a service for you.”