03/01/2013  |  by Parallels
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PacHosting moves into IaaS with elastic and cost-effective cloud infrastructure solution from Parallels

Partner Summary

Established in January 2002, PacHosting is today one of the leading hosting service providers in Hong Kong. It provides easy-to-use, effective and reliable online business solutions and the latest information technologies to help businesses gain a competitive advantage on the web. PacHosting’s portfolio of solutions includes Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Cloud Servers and Hosted Exchange 2010 for small to large corporations. In 2012, it also introduced new offerings in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) space.

Business Situation

With cloud computing gaining traction amongst businesses, there has been a growing demand for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions, especially among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with limited or no in-house IT capabilities. IaaS, which is about delivering IT resources such as CPU and storage on-demand via the cloud, provides SMEs with an easy and cost-effective way to tap into technology to enhance their business operations and improve productivity, without having to buy and manage their own servers.

To tap into this growing opportunity, PacHosting needed an elastic cloud infrastructure solution that would enable it to deliver IaaS on-demand, and scale up and down easily on the fly. The solution also had to be easy to administer, and flexible enough for the service provider to offer customers the various configurations that they required. In addition, it had to be easy for the customers themselves to set up and manage, so that managing the service would not take up too much of PacHosting’s manpower resources.


To address these requirements, PacHosting decided to deploy Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure (PACI). A PacHosting partner since 2002, Parallels has proven itself to be a reliable and trusted provider of hosting automation solutions. In 2011, PacHosting implemented Parallels Automation for its business and operational processes, resulting in improved return on investment through the quicker provisioning of services, and lower total cost of ownership with the reduction of manpower resources required. A year later, it introduced its SaaS offerings, tapping into the Application Packaging Standard (APS) capabilities of Parallels Automation to configure applications for seamless integration into cloud delivery systems.

For this latest move into the IaaS space, Parallels again presented PacHosting with a very compelling value proposition. Available as a module of Parallels Automation, PACI is a comprehensive set of services which enable service providers like PacHosting to move their customers easily and cost-effectively to the cloud.

These services include virtualization, automated operations and billing, customer self-service, and an online store. PACI is also the only solution that gives service providers the flexibility to create both virtual machines and containers on a single cloud computing platform.


PacHosting deployed PACI in January 2014 and is consolidating its cloud infrastructure on the Parallels platform to realize several key benefits.

Creates new revenue opportunities

The deployment of PACI has enabled PacHosting to create new revenue streams based on IaaS. It enables PacHosting to offer elastic scalability and use-based pricing, so customers can grow or shrink their resources as workloads change, and pay only for what they use. Unlike traditional Virtual Private Servers (VPS) which may take up to a few days to upgrade, PACI allows customers to scale up their resources immediately, without even needing to reboot.

Reduces time-to-market for IaaS services

Tight integration between PACI and Parallels Automation made it possible for PacHosting to deploy the IaaS solution in less than a week. New offerings can also be rolled out quickly with the automation of processes such as the creation and provisioning of virtual machines and customer billing. In addition, PACI comes with an online store which the service provider can use to sell cloud services and start generating revenues immediately.

Lowers deployment and management costs

The automation capabilities of Parallels Automation also help lower deployment costs by reducing PacHosting’s reliance on skilled manpower, which is expensive and difficult to find in Hong Kong. In addition, it comes with built-in capabilities which enable the service provider to manage its customers more efficiently. For example, Parallels Automation gives PacHosting the option to ensure that pre- payment is received before a service is activated.

Provides greater flexibility

PACI is the only cloud solution that supports both containers and virtual machines on a single platform. This flexibility enables PacHosting to cater to customers with different configuration requirements. For example, some customers may prefer containers for higher density, lower cost and better performance, while others may prefer virtual machines which allow them to manage their own operating system.

Optimizes the use of resources

PACI allows PacHosting to reduce its hardware requirements by housing multiple customer servers on the same physical machine. At the same time, the clustering of servers within the cloud environment also means that unutilised resources within the same pool can be provisioned quickly to meet new customer requirements. This helps increase server utilisation and allows PacHosting to reduce the number of machines needed to run its operations.

Reduces support costs

PACI is designed such that service providers can minimise their manpower resources and reduce the costs involved in after-sales support. A self-service panel makes it easy for SME customers to manage their own cloud data centers and virtual environments. They can make changes instantly, without having to do any programming.