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12/09/2014  |  by Parallels
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Fieber on target with 500 new SMB customers in start-up phase reselling KPN’s Parallels Automation-based cloud services platform

Local Dutch service provider Fieber creates an innovative “service provider 2.0” business model to delight SMB customers, by reselling fiber connectivity and KPN’s comprehensive cloud services platform, powered by Parallels Automation and APS.

Partner Summary

Founded in late 2011, Fieber was created to pursue an innovative “service provider 2.0” business model – delivering fiber-optic communications connections and applications on a pay per use basis to small and mid-sized businesses in the Netherlands – without investing in any infrastructure. To succeed, Fieber needed to partner with an infrastructure provider capable of automating the provisioning and billing of connections and multiple cloud services.

Fieber decided to work with Dutch telco and leading cloud services provider KPN Wholesale to realize its vision. By reselling cloud services via KPN Wholesale’s Parallels Automation platform, the company has been able to outsource nearly all of its back-office infrastructure and access a suite of high quality business applications to resell. This has resulted in an incredibly efficient operational model, allowing Fieber the resources to focus on what really attracts and delivers value to businesses – useful services and an outstanding customer experience. Following its launch, Fieber quickly acquired over 500 customers. In 2013, Fieber will experiment with new bundles of cloud services that cater to the needs of specific business types and sizes.

Business Challenges

Fieber is a young, dynamic company based in the Netherlands that considers itself a “service provider 2.0” in the communications connectivity and cloud services market. With an initial offering focused on providing fiber connectivity, the management team’s intention was always to move up the value chain by offering cloud services to SMBs. Founder and CEO Marc Visser explains further: “We started out with a pretty straightforward mission – to simplify

the provision of potentially complex communications and IT services to small and midsize businesses with up to 50 employees. But we also wanted to innovate by creating a one- stop-shop for super-fast Internet access and great applications, delivered exclusively via the cloud. In other words, we didn’t want to own or manage our own infrastructure. We wanted to outsource as much as possible so that we could focus on the customer experience – in particular for value-added services that require customer interaction. We were confident

this would give us a competitive advantage over providers that don’t communicate with or respond to the needs of their customers proactively, because they spend too much time and resources managing their own servers, connections and apps.”

So, Fieber needed to find a partner that could enable it to resell fiber-optic connections and cloud services, without having to invest capital in infrastructure. Fortunately, the Netherlands is home to a company that could provide both – KPN Wholesale. It’s one of the world’s leading telcos and a pioneer in the delivery of fiber connectivity and wholesale cloud services. And its offering is powered by Parallels Automation.


Fieber resells branded access to KPN Wholesale’s fiber connectivity and cloud services platform, based on Parallels Automation, eliminating the need for it to create and manage<br/> its own delivery infrastructure. Parallels Automation is a leading hosting and cloud services delivery system, providing a combination of great software and access to thousands of hosting and cloud services. It’s also backed by the expert professional services and support required to help providers build a highly profitable cloud-based revenue stream.

KPN’s Parallels Automation platform is populated exclusively by applications that are packaged using APS, an open standard jointly developed by Parallels. APS is the industry – leading standard for packaging and automating the delivery of SaaS applications, enabling them to be deployed and taken to market much more easily and quickly than would be possible if a bespoke API had to be created.

Quick Facts:

Country: Netherlands
Partner Size: Employees – approx. 10
Partner Profile: Fieber is a provider of connectivity and cloud services to the SMB market in the Netherlands. Launched in late 2011, it serves over 500 SMB with fiber-optic Internet connections and applications that help them run their businesses.
Business Situation Summary: Fieber wanted to offer a comprehensive range of cloud services to SMBs in the Netherlands as quickly and easily as possible without having to build and manage its own infrastructure.
Solution Summary: Fieber is successfully reselling the cloud services platform of Dutch telecoms operator KPN Wholesale, powered by Parallels Automation and APS the software packaging standard.
Benefits Summary:
Via KPN Wholesale, Parallels Automation and APS are helping Fieber:
• Break new ground with its “service provider 2.0” business model
• Minimize capital investment in back-office infrastructure
• Easily upsell cloud services to connectivity customers
• Simplify IT for SMBs by helping them replace onsite infrastructure with cloud services
• Deliver value to end customers with fast, easy access to high quality business applications