Top Case Studies

11/24/2015  |  by Odin
Categories:  Case Studies,  Service Automation

How did a small web hosting company grow to command a sizeable share of the Exchange hosting market in Australia? Read the story behind’s success.

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Triple C

10/26/2015  |  by Odin
Categories:  Service Automation

As a result of partnering with Odin, Triple C is tracking to increase its user base by 70% within the next year. Learn how this leading Israeli internet service provider (ISP) used Odin Service Automation to attract more than 5,000 new customers each month.

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09/01/2015  |  by Odin
Categories:  Server Virtualization

The combination of hypervisor functionality, low-cost containers, and shared storage in Virtuozzo allows small-scale service providers like ServerNest to offer large-scale IaaS solutions. Learn how Virtuozzo enables ServerNest to meet a variety of goals.

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08/05/2015  |  by Odin
Categories:  Web Management

As it ramped up its business, Vastspace’s priority was to meet their customers’ requirements for smooth web migration while reducing the time and manpower resources needed to achieve this. With the help of Plesk 12, Vastspace saved 50% in tech support hours and gained access to capabilities...

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07/10/2015  |  by Odin
Categories:  Server Virtualization

With a rapidly expanding system, Conetix needed to find a way to easily scale their capacity and performance. However, traditional storage area network (SAN) platforms led to an uneven balance of cost versus performance. With Virtuozzo, Conetix was able to save 20% in hardware and licensing costs.

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