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Smart Service Integration

Cisco’s Service Grid is the leading cloud integration platform provider focused on reducing the cost and complexity associated with multi-party service management that spans service providers’ customer and partner ecosystems.

The Challenge: Managing Multi-Party Incidents

As the shift to delivering cloud services accelerates and ISVs join the Application Packaging Standard ecosystem, it creates a unique opportunity for Odin-enabled service providers to rapidly capture new markets with third party solution offerings that SMBs are seeking.

At the same time, the move to cloud services introduces new complexities for service providers and ISVs alike as they work together to support customers, managing incidents across multiple partners and maintaining service performance levels.

Today, most service providers handle the added complexity of multi-party service management through increased staffing, ad-hoc collaboration and post incident reporting. At best, ad-hoc, manual processes result in spiraling costs to support customers and increase the time to resolve escalated incidents. At worst, this approach reduces customer satisfaction, impacts customer retention and may limit the service provider's ability to capture new customers with an ever-growing service portfolio.

  • Multi Party Incident Facts
  • 6XGrowth in avg. number of cloud solutions per provider
  • 35%Higher mean-time to resolve incidents
  • 50%Higher cost to support customers

Introducing the Odin Support Exchange: End-to-End Incident Automation

To address the multi-party challenge, Cisco has partnered with Odin to automate the multi-party incident lifecycle by bringing Odin-enabled service providers and APS-enabled ISVs together with the Odin Support Exchange powered by ServiceGrid.

ServiceGrid from Cisco is a complete SaaS solution that:

  • Integrates Service Provider and ISV Support Systems
  • Standardizes the Multi-Party Incident Workflow
  • Facilitates Resolution with Real-Time Alerts 
  • Automates SLA Monitoring and Management
Key Features
Core Capabilities
  • Automated ticket exchange with Odin
  • +70 connection accelerators
  • Configurable workflows
  • Escalated incident alerts
  • Real-time incident reporting
Partner Management
  • Web Ticket Exchange
  • SLA Management
  • Vendor Performance Tracking

ServiceGrid  seamlessly integrates incident workflows between the Service Provider, Odin and one or more ISV partners via a standardized process supported with web service integration between service provider and partner support systems.

By standardizing the incident process and system connections ServiceGrid:

  • Automatically assigns tickets to the appropriate ISV
  • Generates real time alerts to facilitate resolution
  • Tracks vendor response times for every interaction
  • Measures the time to resolve each incident
  • Delivers near real-time reporting
Dynamic Support, Managed Performance

The result is a Dynamic Support Process that significantly reduces the time and cost to resolve incidents while ensuring partner performance and SLA compliance through our optional Web Ticket Exchange and SLA Management Dashboard capabilities.

Tangible Benefits, Real ROI
  • 27% faster time to resolve
  • 50% lower cost to serve
  • 88% faster time to onboard
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