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Get the support you need and deserve — 24/7! Odin provides support around the clock so you get the answers you need when you need them. Software support, product installations and upgrades, and administration services are all available from Odin.

Odin Business Automation Standard

Odin Business Automation Standard is a pre-integrated billing and hosting automation solution for hosting providers entering the hosting business, growing beyond current systems or requiring a more advanced billing and automation solution.

Support Options
Odin Business Automation Standard Per Incident Support (?) $149.99 Buy Now!

Service Automation

Support Options

Per-Incident Support (?)

$250 Buy Now!

Support Bundle: 10-Tickets for Service Automation (1 Year Expiration)

$2500 Buy Now!

What is a Support Incident?

A standard support incident is defined as a customer technical issue where support is provided by Odin Customer Support in scope of: /support/policy/support-scope/ Please note the per-incident support cost does not cover any administrative services, requests for services installation or configuration which will be billed separately if necessary and agreed upon by both parties. An incident can span multiple communications between Odin and customer. A per-incident support contact cannot be divided into subordinate parts addressing multiple unrelated issues.

  • Initial Response Time: 2 hours
  • Guaranteed Response Time: 12 hours
  • Technical Support Guide

After we have confirmed your payment, you will receive an e-mail with instructions how to use the support incident. Entering a license key number above is optional when purchasing this type of support. Please note that your support incident payment is non-refundable once a ticket has been opened and a member of Odin Support commences work on a resolution.

Incident Deducting Policy

If you have a support contract that includes a limited number of incidents, one incident will be deducted from the contract when you create a ticket via our ticketing system or call center. If the incident you submit turns out to be a bug not previously documented in our Knowledge Base, we will either credit an incident back to your account for those customers who have a support account, or provide a refund.

If the issue is a known bug that is documented in the public KB then the refund policy does not apply.

Tickets submitted to Odin Customer Service regarding purchase or licensing issues will not be deducted from your support contract.

Additional Support Information

We provide phone support for questions about product functionality, prices for products and known issues covered in Odin knowledgebase. Complex issues requiring investigation of the problem and work of Odin technical support engineers on customer’s server(s) can be reported by phone support owners on the phone. Further work of Odin technical support staff takes place offline. At customer’s request updates on work progress can be received either by phone or e-mail.

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