02/01/2014  |  by Parallels
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Panasonic takes its “Cameramanager” video surveillance service global, powered by Parallels Automation and APS

Leading global electronics manufacturer Panasonic is diversifying its business model by delivering unique cloud services like Cameramanager to SMBs. By leveraging APS and the Parallels Automation platforms of major international cloud services players like KPN, it is gaining significant competitive advantage through the ability to launch the service quickly in multiple countries.

Partner Summary was founded in the Netherlands in 2007 to provide an enterpriseclass cloud-based surveillance service to businesses. The service bundles video camera hardware, primarily from Panasonic, with subscription-based access to live surveillance video feeds, and proactive security alerts, triggered via sound and motion recording functionality. By 2013, it was managing feeds from around 50,000 cameras. In 2013, was acquired by leading electronics manufacturer Panasonic, with a view to making the service the centrepiece of its new cloud services business, Panasonic Cloud Management Services Europe.


The management at Panasonic Cloud Management Services Europe began looking for a technology platform and partner ecosystem that would enable Panasonic to roll out the Cameramanager service quickly and easily to small and midsize businesses on an international, mass-market basis. After assessing a number of options, Panasonic selected Parallels as its preferred supplier, thanks to the quality and flexibility of its Parallels Automation cloud services platform, the breadth and depth of its international partner ecosystem, and its founding role in the creation and development of APS, the software packaging standard founded by Parallels.

Parallels then worked with Panasonic to develop a partnership with KPN, a leading international telecoms company and long-standing, successful Parallels Automation partner. Just seven months after the initial discussions, Panasonic will launch Cameramanager via KPN’s Parallels Automation platform in March 2014. The service will be rolled out across Europe, Asia and the Americas through KPN and other Parallels Automation partners during 2014 and beyond.

Business Challenges

After having successfully disrupted the video surveillance market over a six-year period and following its acquisition by Panasonic, it was time for the company to take its cloudbased video surveillance solution to a broader, international SMB market. Rishi Lodhia, CEO at Panasonic Cloud Management Services Europe, describes the opportunity: “SMBs have been ignored by the big players in the security market, because of the high cost of traditional surveillance services. We realized that easy-to-use and affordable video surveillance, delivered from the cloud and accessible via any device, could unlock the potential of this untapped market.”

However, in order to scale the Cameramanager service effectively, some key challenges needed to be overcome, as Lodhia explains: “We knew we had a great product in Cameramanager, with unique features such as proactive security alerts that would provide real peace of mind for vulnerable small businesses such as independent shops, pharmacies or legal firms. But we also realized that in order to expand the business rapidly, we would need to work with partners in each of our target markets, and that customizing our API for every partner would mean we wouldn’t be able to go to market quickly enough. We needed a technology platform and a strategic partner to help us.”

That’s when, during the course of an APS Connect event in mid-2013, Lodhia and his team started talking to senior staff at Parallels, and one of its most important partners - Dutch telecoms and cloud services provider, KPN. “We were already investigating several technology options, but our discussions with Parallels were very positive,”comments Lodhia. “We could see that they had a flexible, proven technology platform in Parallels Automation, that they were already working with major players like KPN, and that their APS expertise could be extremely valuable. Shortly afterwards, we selected Parallels as our strategic partner.”


Panasonic Cloud Management Services Europe is rolling out its cloud-based Cameramanager video surveillance solution via the Parallels Automation platforms of major telecoms companies and cloud services providers like KPN. Parallels Automation is a leading hosting and cloud services delivery system, providing a combination of great software and access to thousands of hosting and cloud services. It’s also backed by the expert professional services and support required to help providers build a highly profitable cloud-based revenue stream.

KPN’s Parallels Automation platform is populated exclusively by applications that are packaged using APS, an open standard founded by Parallels. APS is the industryleading standard for packaging and automating the delivery of SaaS applications, enabling them to be deployed and taken to market much more easily and quickly than is possible with a custom API.


Parallels Automation and APS are helping Panasonic Cloud Management Services Europe:

  • Diversify its parent company’s business model with cloud services that complement its hardware products
  • Rapidly roll out its cloud-based Cameramanager video surveillance and security alert service to SMBs in Europe, Asia and the Americas
  • Leverage the power of the Parallels Automation platforms of the world’s biggest communications and web hosting companies
  • Accelerate time-to-market by using an APS package that integrates easily with Parallels Automation, rather than customizing an API for each new service provider partner
  • Deliver value to its own channel partners and service provider partners like KPN by helping them diversify and modernise their portfolios with compelling cloud services
  • Deliver value and peace of mind to SMBs all over the world with a uniquely affordable and easy-to-use video surveillance and security alert system

“We would not be able to scale the Cameramanager service quickly enough internationally without leveraging Parallels Automation and APS,” comments Panasonic’s Lodhia. “Not only that, the ecosystem of Parallels Automation partners and ISVs is central to our growth strategy. We’re leveraging those relationships as much as we can, especially through annual events such as the Parallels Summit and the Mobile World Congress.”

Commenting on KPN’s decision to add Cameramanager to its Parallels Automation powered cloud services portfolio, Omar Benameur, Director SaaS & Workspace Management said, “Cameramanager is exactly the kind of solution KPN is looking for, because it delivers value to our customers through all our broadband, mobile and cloud delivery channels. Essentially it’s a perfect up-sell play, helping us make the most of our broadband and 4G mobile network capacity. And, it provides another example of how we use Parallels Automation and APS to generate competitive advantage for ourselves and partners like Panasonic, by getting new cloud services to market quickly."

As for the future, Lodhia is clear about his focus, concluding, “We will be launching Cameramanager internationally by working with Parallels Automation partners across Europe, Asia and the Americas in 2014. It’s at the forefront of our plan to launch a broad range of cloud services over the next few years. There is no doubt in my mind that Parallels Automation and APS will be key to our success."