12/02/2013  |  by Parallels
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Domain name and web hosting company 101domain.com improves server stability with Parallels Plesk Automation while significantly increasing customer satisfaction.

Business Summary

Founded in 1999, 101domain.com is a web services company based in Carlsbad, California. Today, 101domain.com is well established as a leader in the international domain name industry.

While the company’s flagship service is affordable domain name registration across almost every top-level domain extension (TLD), customers can also take advantage of online brand management, consulting, and more.

Over the years, the company has expanded to provide web hosting and email, enabling customers to get a full suite of online services from one convenient location.

Business Challenge

101domain.com’s relationship with Parallels goes back to 2008, when the company was searching for a professional web hosting control panel.

“Although we looked into multiple hosting panels, in the end we decided on Parallels Plesk Panel,” says Joe Alagna, VP of Channel Development at 101domain. com. “It came with the features that mattered to our customers and those are the things we looked for. It could do a lot, it was easy to manage, and its license fees were affordable. So we could give customers a flexible yet powerful tool, at a good price. But, more importantly, Parallels shared our values of continued growth and constant improvement. We try to work with progressive companies that can grow with us, and Parallels was an excellent fit.”

Over the years, 101domain.com saw demand for web hosting grow and an increased pressure to deliver the best possible service. As the cloud became a convenient, scalable platform for businesses to use, traditional hosting providers needed to offer a similar level of customer experience.

“We started on standalone Parallels Plesk Panel servers and then expanded to a cluster,” says Alagna. “But we found things became increasingly difficult to manage as we expanded. We were working with several versions from 8 up to 10, on multiple servers. That meant our Systems Admins were always overloaded.”

In many ways, 101domain.com had become a victim of its own success. Now, with more customers using the hosting platform, it was more difficult to maintain high service and support standards and guarantee outstanding customer satisfaction.

The company needed a way to homogenize its Parallels Plesk Panel hosting environments, making them easier to manage.

The Solution

Faced with the problem of complex, time-consuming, and expensive server administration, 101domain.com compared different solutions.

“We explored options from multiple providers and even considered the possibility of an in-house solution,” says Alagna. “But we had actually been a Parallels customer for quite a while. We needed to improve our environment and make it more manageable, but there was no need to reinvent the wheel.”

After a discussion with the Parallels team, 101domain.com discovered Parallels Plesk Automation. Parallels Plesk Automation gives each server in a cluster a specific workload, making it responsible for web, mail, database or domain name servers (DNS). Individual servers concentrate their resources on a specific task, isolated from the other components of running a web hosting service.

In addition, Parallels Plesk Automation brings the maintenance of every server together in one convenient location. While web hosting companies can support thousands of customers across hundreds of individual servers, their administration remains streamlined and intuitive.

“Once we found out about Parallels Plesk Automation we figured it would be the best solution for us, especially considering our servers were coming from a Parallels Plesk Panel environment,” says Alagna. “It was also important that we minimized disruption for our customers, who were already familiar with Parallels Plesk Panel and appreciated the management interface. Parallels Plesk Automation offered a way to make our administrative workload more manageable, while continuing to deliver a simple administrative interface for our customers.”

With the support of the Parallels Plesk Automation team, Rodolfo Elias, Hosting Manager at 101domain.com and Michael Sorrentino, IT Director at 101domain.com, entered a lengthy planning phase for the migration. They eventually decided on the most effective topology for the Parallels Plesk infrastructure while planning for future growth.

“There was a lot of planning,” says Alagna. “We had to consider our existing base migration as well as what we wanted things to look like in the future. But, being early adopters of Parallels Plesk Automation, we were able to work side by side with the Parallels team to make sure everything went as smooth as possible.”

The Results

With its Parallels Plesk versions standardized across every server and Parallels Plesk Automation in place, 101domain.com saw value almost immediately.

“Parallels Plesk Automation allowed us to more easily manage our clients in a centralized cluster,” says Alagna. “Troubleshooting was far more efficient and the platform was more stable in general. More importantly, while the implementation saved us time, this turned into real benefits for our customers.”

Since the implementation project was completed, 101domain.com has seen an improving trend in customer satisfaction. This is the result of more efficient server management, better stability, and the continued convenience of the Parallels Plesk Panel interface.