What is a Support Code?

A Support Code is a 10-digit number divided into two 5-character blocks: xxxxx-xxxxx.

You will need your Support Code to request Odin Support via email, online chat, or phone.

Enterprise Support Code

Enterprise Support Codes are intended only for corporate customers. These codes are provided to customers, usually by a sales representative, after they sign a support contract with Odin.

If you are a corporate customer, you can obtain your Support Code from your Sales Representative or by logging into your RT Self-Service account:

The RT Self-Service account also enables you to create, track, resolve and re-open tickets created on behalf of your company.

1. To access the web-interface of RT Self-Service, go to https://support.cloudblue.com/NoAuth/GetPassword.html.

2. To activate your account, please use the email address and the number of your created ticket.

3. Once your account is activated, you will receive an email with your activation link to the RT Self-Service. Please follow this link to configure your new password and access the RT Self-Service.