The #1 Choice for Telcos to Deliver Cloud Services

Learn about how TDC Hosting – a Danish telco – has gained a competitive advantage through real-time service provisioning, and the ability to launch new services quickly using Service Automation.

Telecom companies and communication service providers have both common and unique solution delivery needs, and adopt Service Automation for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To enter the cloud services business with a portfolio of high-margin, in-demand SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and XaaS services that they can attach to anchor communications services to reduce churn, increase revenue and attract new customers
  • To integrate critical business and operations support systems, maximize investments in legacy service delivery platforms or enable new upgrade paths
  • To grow revenue by selling through reseller channels
  • To deliver a better user experience and lower support costs by enabling customers to self-manage all purchased services through a unified and dynamic user interface, with one login, settled by one invoice

Service providers recognize that APS is now the de facto industry standard for integrating and offering cloud services. They appreciate that applications which are already enabled for APS can be easily deployed on Service Automation without custom development work, and can be brought to market quickly. They also value that they can develop custom APS packages for their own internal services and processes, and deliver and manage them all through one platform.

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  • “This is a huge advantage when compared with other systems that require resellers to make big investments and wait much longer for new applications. So, using the APS standard was really a no-brainer for us, and it gives us a real competitive advantage.”

    Norbert Van der Knaap, Manager Hosted Applications, KPN Wholesale

  • “We were looking for a partner and a platform that could be launched in a number of countries very quickly; provide an accompanying ecosystem of service providers and applications to ensure local market differentiation; and support rapid expansion.”

    Tim Marsden, Head of SaaS at Telefonica Digital