Gain Market Access by Packaging Applications Using APS

ISV cloud solutions are key to the adoption of Service Automation, and have helped to make APS, our open source standard for cloud service delivery, the de facto industry standard.

Utilized by nearly 300 cloud service providers, APS features more than 500 applications, and is supported by over 250 ISVs, developers, systems integrators, and strategic partners that have all made investments in the standard.

Ecosystem Advantages

The APS ecosystem offers two-way benefits: APS helps ISVs to increase scale and market reach by making it easier for service providers to deploy their services, and APS provides a common platform for distributing applications. If an ISV's application is costly to adopt for resale, a provider will be less inclined to offer it. But if an ISV packages its applications using a standard that is integrated and compatible with a service provider’s delivery platform, the risk to the service provider is minimized.

APS introduces a "pluggable" approach to distributing applications and services. Once an ISV packages an application with APS, it can be easily plugged into the infrastructure of any hosting or telecommunications provider that has adopted the standard "socket" platform for APS applications – Service Automation.

Packaging Services

ISVs have packaging choices. They can leverage an APS-certified systems integrator (SI) partner for assistance, or they can learn how to package APS applications themselves. Through the website, ISVs can access information needed to APS-enable their services, including training, SI support links, documentation, hundreds of APS-packaged application examples, and APS sandboxes for validating their applications.

APS is designed to ensure applications work together and can be easily sold together. The APS service bus in Service Automation allows service provider portals to discover complementary offerings, and to target users who are likely to buy additional services.

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