Secure Customers with SaaS Business Apps

Small and medium businesses worldwide will buy US$42 billion in SaaS applications in 2016. Wouldn’t it be nice if they bought them from you?

Service Automation helps you easily deploy and quickly launch a broad range of in-demand, best-of-breed SaaS applications, include them in service plans, bundle them with other services, and sell more to your customers. Dynamic control panels simplify the management of applications and service plans, and the self-management of subscriptions and user accounts for businesses, providing a better experience for them, and helping you lower costs for service delivery and support.

The APS catalog features more than 500 applications that you can easily deploy and add to your service plans. The following is just a sample of SaaS business applications that can be offered through Service Automation today.

A sample of applications and services in the APS catalog that are ready to offer.

Want to offer great bundles of these and other SaaS and IaaS services to your customers? Contact us today.