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10/26/2015  |  by Odin
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Triple C Attracts 5,000+ New Customers per Month with Convergent Telecommunications Services Provisioned Through Odin Service Automation

As a result of partnering with Odin, this leading internet service provider (ISP) is tracking to increase its user base by 70% within the next year.

“Convergent telecommunications services increase the ‘stickiness’ of our offer, which helps us attract and retain customers and provides us with cross-selling and upselling opportunities. We are only able to offer these convergent services thanks to Odin Service Automation and the excellent professional support from Odin experts.”

— Ely Cohen, CTO, Triple C

Business Challenges

In 2012, Triple C decided to maximize service levels for its customers by acquiring an internet service provider (ISP) license and by increasing internet connectivity speed and reliability. Following a successful ISP launch that saw the company acquire 25,000 customers within the first two years, regulatory changes in early 2015 opened up an exciting opportunity. New laws enabled ISPs and other providers to resell physical telecommunications connections (leased lines owned by Israel’s incumbent operators) for a fixed and competitive price. Triple C wanted to take advantage of this new opportunity by bringing a convergent internet access and telecommunications infrastructure offering to market quickly.

The Odin Solution

Triple C turned to Odin Service Automation to help it launch new convergent services within four months. The company developed its own APS package for the automated provisioning of leased lines with internet connectivity, and integrated the offering into its Odin Service Automation platform. Now, customers can purchase internet access and a leased line, and start using them within minutes if they have the necessary physical infrastructure.

In addition to rapid service delivery, a high level of automation has enabled Triple C to drastically reduce its operational costs and pass these savings onto its customers. The result? The price of internet access and a leased line has decreased nearly 30%. As of July 2015, Triple C was attracting over 5,000 new customers per month with its convergent telecommunications services, and the company is on course to meet its ambitious target of 100,000 new customers by mid-2016. This will position the company as the fourth largest ISP in Israel next to the top three incumbent telecommunications service providers.

Odin Service Automation Benefits

Triple C is attracting over 5,000 new customers per month with its converged telecommunications services, thanks to the automated provisioning and billing capabilities of Odin Service Automation.

New Revenue Streams and Greater Efficency

The automated provisioning and integrated billing for different combinations of services enabled by Odin Service Automation makes it the perfect platform for Triple C to evolve its business beyond traditional web hosting and cloud services. It allows the company to drive growth by creating new convergent internet access and leased line connectivity services, and by integrating them into the Odin Service Automation platform via APS packages. The core automation capabilities of the Odin platform ensure that Triple C can deliver convergent services cost-effectively and maintain positive margins. In addition, these capabilities will enable Triple C to benefit from the same efficiencies and operational savings as the many established telco service providers that use Odin Service Automation.

Outstanding Service

The fact that Triple C has built its own data center rather than relying on a third party proves the company takes service quality extremely seriously. Adding internet access and leased line services to its portfolio allow the company to further control and optimize service speed and reliability.

”The reason we decided to become an ISP in the first place was to make our internet access services as fast and reliable as possible. Once it was viable to do so, adding leased lines to our portfolio was a logical next step in supporting this objective. The Odin Service Automation platform is crucial in helping us uphold our demanding service level agreements,” said Ely Cohen, CTO, Triple C.

Accelerated Growth

Triple C uses Odin Service Automation to fully automate the provisioning of its new services, helping it add customers quickly. In fact, customers can order and start consuming services within a couple of minutes. This speed helped the company attract 10,000 new internet access customers within six months of launching its ISP services. In 2015, Triple C is using the platform to add rapid, automated provisioning of leased lines to its service offering. As a result, the company is winning new customers even faster, and is on course to increase its user base by 70% by the end of the year.

Rapid Time to Market

In early 2015, new regulations introduced a mandatory and fixed 50% reduction in wholesale leased line prices in Israel. This opened the door for providers like Triple C to offer telecommunications infrastructure services viably. At this point, speed to market was critical. “Creating the APS package we needed for leased line provisioning and integrating it into our Odin Service Automation platform effectively enabled us to transform our service offering within three or four months,” said Cohen.

Improved Value for Customers

One of the most attractive aspects of Triple C’s convergent internet access and leased line offering is fast onboarding for customers. Customers can also manage services themselves on an ongoing basis. Odin Service Automation completely automates the onboarding process, establishing connectivity and access rights so that new users can be up and running in seconds. In addition, customers can downgrade or upgrade the connectivity and bandwidth they require with a single click – all without having to engage with a call center or administrator. “This self-service capability is a key differentiator for us against our competitors,” said Cohen.

Critical to Innovation

Convergent services are critical to Triple C’s evolving business model. “Convergent telecommunications services increase the ‘stickiness’ of our offer, which helps us attract and retain customers and provides us with cross- selling and upselling opportunities,” said Cohen. “As a next step, we are considering adding a VoIP service to our portfolio. We are only able to offer these convergent services thanks to Odin Service Automation.”