11/24/2015  |  by Odin
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Odin product used: Odin Service Automation

Odin partner OzHosting.com is among the world’s top 10 sellers of Office 365 seats under the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program.

Odin Service Automation gives Australian cloud hosting company an early-mover advantage by offering best-of-breed products.

“Our job is to be agile, choose the best products from every market segment that small businesses are likely to need, bundle them up, and present them in an efficient and user-friendly way. This is what Odin helps us do.”

— Doug Endersbee, chief executive officer, OzHosting.com

Partner Summary

OzHosting.com was established in 1997 as one of the original web hosting companies in Australia. Since then, it has grown considerably and is now one of the top five service providers for multi-tenant hosted Exchange in Australia, and is among the top 10 hosting providers globally in terms of Office 365 seats sold under the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

Business Challenges

In the early years of its operations, OzHosting.com used a proprietary platform, which was built and operated by a large development team. It had about eight staff just to manage the platform and ensure that it was able to support the latest software releases from big companies such as Microsoft and Google. The lead time for this was slow — it could take the company a few months to a year to enable its platform to support each new release.

The Odin Solution

In 2007, OzHosting.com decided to replace its proprietary platform with Service Automation. “We wanted to enable our business people to be more productive and to get onto the same roadmap as the big independent software vendors,” said Endersbee.

Odin Service Automation is a complete operations and business software solution that provides a single, centralized console for managing the offer and delivery of cloud services. Using APS, Service Automation lets providers offer various cloud services in bundles customized for their target customers.


The deployment of Service Automation has enabled OzHosting.com to become more flexible in its business operations, enrich its service portfolio, and improve overall productivity.

Delivers Competitive Advantage

Service Automation provides OzHosting.com with a strong competitive advantage in the cloud hosting market. It allows the service provider to present customers with multiple products through a user-friendly interface and offer them as an integrated service.

“Our job is to be agile and choose the best products from every market segment that small businesses are likely to need, bundle them up, and present them in an efficient and user-friendly way, and that is what Odin helps us to do,” said Endersbee.

Provides Access to Best-of-Breed Products

“The great thing about the Odin platform is that you get best-of-breed suppliers,” said Endersbee. Software vendors such as Microsoft, EMC, McAfee, and many others have pre-built APS packages that are supported by the Odin Service Automation platform, which makes it easier for OzHosting.com to resell their products. For example, as an early adopter of the Microsoft CSP program in 2014, the service provider’s key focus was to humanize IT and stick to its mantra of “Cloud Made Easy.”

“The Service Automation platform has enabled us to deliver on this mantra. We can now easily package additional services to our successful Office 365 offerings,” said Endersbee.

Enables Greater Business Flexibility

The automated billing and provisioning capabilities of the Odin platform has given OzHosting.com an early-mover advantage in delivering new service plans to its customers. “We can create different plans, different billing cycles, billing periods – monthly, quarterly annually, and so on. This gives us the flexibility to create different products, and that is really important,” said Endersbee.

For example, when hosted Exchange was introduced by Microsoft, OzHosting.com was able to roll out its service plans very quickly, and today, it continues to grow the number of hosted Exchange mailboxes by about 50% every year.

Reduces Time-to-Market

With best-of-breed vendors integrating their products into the Odin platform and making them available through the APS catalog, OzHosting.com is able to reduce time-to- market for new cloud services as well as the latest releases.

“We have the capability to add any product from the catalog whenever we want to. From the time we decide to run with a new product, we would be able to go to market in a matter of weeks,” said Endersbee. “An example is Office 365, which OzHosting.com offers under the Microsoft CSP program. We’ve come out of the gate quickly and we’re now one of the top 10 in the world for the Microsoft CSP program, for selling Office 365 mailboxes.”

Facilitates Market Expansion

Leveraging the APS catalog in Service Automation, OzHosting.com is also able to roll out its services in markets beyond Australia, without having to build or own infrastructure overseas. “We could actually expand in other countries because we can roll out OzHosting.com in the US, or OzHosting.com in Europe, and offer Office 365 or sell other products and services within that country. It takes away a level of complexity for us and enables us to become a global company. That’s our goal,” said Endersbee.

A Strong and Supportive Ecosystem

According to Endersbee, “One of the big positives in the relationship between Odin and OzHosting.com is that Odin really understands what partnering is.”

For example, OzHosting.com has direct account managers in Australia and technical resources that it can call on anytime. Odin also provides OzHosting.com with market intelligence reports, which have been invaluable to the hoster’s business.

“It tells us, for each market segment, what’s growing and what’s not. We’ve followed the reports closely as a business, and that’s helped us a lot in our product strategies,” said Endersbee. “It’s not just a better platform; you’ve got access to a supportive ecosystem and market knowledge, and that’s really important.”