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Keenondots Leverages Odin Service Automation to Enable Partners like COMPAREX to Launch Cloud Services Businesses in Weeks

By leveraging its Odin Service Automation platform, this leading cloud and managed services provider is enabling Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider partners to get cloud services businesses up and running in weeks.

“VARs want to use our cloud services platform because it saves them months of development time and tens of thousands of euros in development costs when compared with building their own. And their customers want a broad selection of state-of-the- art cloud services delivered quickly and reliably, and at the right price. The Odin Service Automation platform enables us to satisfy all these needs effectively and efficiently through straightforward management and extensive automation.”

— Laurens van Alphen, Founder and Infrastructure Architect, Keenondots

Business Challenges

In 2015, Keenondots recognized that Microsoft’s new Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program offered it a big business opportunity in enabling Value Added Resellers (VARs) to get cloud services to market quickly and easily. In particular, Keenondots realized that many VARs did not want to invest in their own cloud services infrastructure, and needed support in identifying which business models had the most potential. The Keenondots management team, led by Founder Laurens van Alphen, wanted to create a unique technology and business-based ecosystem that would help VARs address these issues. The centerpiece: A ready-to-use cloud services platform, and a range of consulting services that help resellers ensure a fast, successful go-to-market approach.

The Odin Solution

Keenondots decided to use its existing Odin Service Automation platform as the basis of its new Cloud-Platform-as-a-Service and ecosystem for resellers with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner contract. Intuitive interfaces and extensive automation enable these partners to launch new cloud services businesses in weeks without investing in the necessary infrastructure themselves. All they have to do is purchase the Odin Service Automation-powered cloud platform as a subscription service, and resell cloud services to their customers on a white label basis.

Keenondots VAR customers benefit from rapid scalability – the ability to start with a small service offering, and grow it at their own pace, by adding services and users gradually. The Odin Service Automation platform takes care of cloud service provisioning and billing, but Keenondots augments this with specialist consulting on business models. It also helps VARs create a customized end customer experience featuring service bundles that include high value services such as Microsoft Premium Support. This powerful combination of technology and business value, delivered in a seamless, automated package, is attracting VAR customers such as COMPAREX, the global IT provider with annual revenues of over $2 billion. “We onboarded our first paying customer via Keenondot’s Odin Service Automation platform within three months of the initial discussion. We’re delighted with how the technology and the consulting support we have received has enabled us to go to market faster than we thought possible,” said Ron Vermeulen, Manager Cloud Solutions at COMPAREX.

Odin Service Automation Benefits

Keenondots is transforming its business model to become the enablement hub of a unique cloud services ecosystem, powered by the comprehensive automation and integrated provisioning and billing capabilities of Odin Service Automation.

New Business Models

Commenting on the unique approach Keenondots is taking to cloud service enablement for VARs, Keenondots Founder Laurens van Alphen said, “Lots of cloud solution providers are good at part of what they are doing, but not all of it. Our goal is to provide a complete service that helps them get to grips with the whole business of cloud service provision, including but not limited to the technical side. We start off with a cloud readiness workshop that helps VARs work out where their best opportunities lie. We then take care of the technical side of getting them up and running via the Odin Service Automation platform, but we also continue to offer them business consulting that helps them accelerate their speed to market and automate their business going forward. This leaves them free to focus on serving their customers with the right service bundles, and helping them increase their productivity.”

Rapid Time to Market

Odin Service Automation allows Keenondots to offer VARs a fast, easy alternative to creating their own cloud services platform which would take months to build, require new skills, and potentially need a lot of customization to fit existing infrastructure elements. One such customer is COMPAREX, the leading global IT provider that onboarded its first cloud services customer within 12 weeks of its initial discussion with Keenondots. “Most of COMPAREX’s customers are large enterprises that are underutilizing cloud opportunities. For COMPAREX, our Odin Service Automation-powered platform is the ideal way to help these companies scale up their use of cloud services with the minimum of effort,” said van Alphen.

Accelerated Growth

Keenondots has been using Odin Service Automation since 2010, so its engineers are very experienced in using the platform and getting the most out of it. Combined with intuitive interfaces that simplify management and extensive process automation, this means the provider is primed to add customers and services in days or weeks, contributing to faster growth than would otherwise be possible. “We also have a lot of services in place already, so VARs don’t need to start from scratch when they sign up. They can simply leverage what’s already there to create their first service bundles and start selling to their customers on a white label basis. Plus, we tend to start small with each customer and scale services rapidly from there, rather than getting bogged down in long deployments. These are two elements that make our offering so attractive, because they allow us to get new partners up and running quickly,” said van Alphen.

Unique Ecosystem Platform

The Keenondots management team is not interested in becoming just another cloud IaaS provider. Its vision is to create a living, breathing ecosystem of partners who work together to help themselves and their customers succeed through a broad range of complementary technology and business offerings, supported by a single, integrated cloud services enablement platform. “Odin Service Automation is the ideal platform around which we can build a unique portfolio and ecosystem of reliable cloud services infrastructure and successful business models,” said van Alphen.

A Seamless Experience for All

Simplicity and speed for VARs and their customers are critical to the success of Keenondots’ new channel-focused business model. Laurens van Alphen commented: “VARs want to use our cloud-platform-as-a-service because it saves them months of development time and tens of thousands of euros in development costs when compared with developing their own platform. And their customers want a broad selection of state-of-the-art cloud services delivered quickly and reliably, and at the right price. The Odin Service Automation platform enables us to satisfy all these needs effectively and efficiently through straightforward management and extensive automation.”

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