06/01/2014  |  by Parallels
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InfoboxCloud leverages Parallels Automation and triples revenue while selling over 5,000 cloud servers

One of Russia’s largest cloud service providers uses Parallels Automation to offer a full range of services including domain registration, shared and VPS web hosting, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Microsoft Lync Server, Microsoft SharePoint, and Backup Agent.

Partner Summary

Established in 2002, Infobox started as a domain registration, shared hosting and email service provider. Later they expanded their offering to include VPS hosting and colocation services. After becoming a Microsoft Partner in 2008, Infobox also added a range of hosted business solutions, including Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics OCS, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Realizing the huge opportunity in VPS and other cloud solutions, in 2013, Infobox decided to focus entirely on the cloud and discontinued some of their services, including colocation. The company rebranded as InfoboxCloud and is now one of the largest service providers in Russia offering a comprehensive range of services. This includes traditional web and email hosting, enterprise-class cloud services, and white-label cloud reseller solutions.

Business Challenge

InfoboxCloud had been using an in-house service delivery platform maintained by their IT department. To keep up with the rapidly growing cloud market, the company needed a quick and cost-effective way to add new services and to expand their reseller channel, which their existing solution could not provide.

“Our customer base was growing by 50% every year, our customers wanted new services, and our partners were really looking for white-label capabilities,” says Alexey Bahtiyarov, CEO, InfoboxCloud. “Accommodating new services and resellers took us weeks or even months, and we spent a lot of time and effort developing and constantly upgrading our in-house platform instead of focusing on our services. This was really slowing us down.”

To address this situation, InfoboxCloud chose not to increase their development resources and began looking for an industrial-grade solution able to support their existing services and instantly add new services and resellers.

The Solution

Parallels Automation was one of the first solutions considered by InfoboxCloud. The Parallels Automation platform had everything needed to address their new challenges and support their existing services. The platform reduces the time-to- market for launching new APS-enabled cloud services, offers an integrated billing solution, and enables flexible white-label reseller capabilities.

”We were looking for a best-in-class solution with proper deployment and operation support services,” says Bahtiyarov. “Since Parallels Automation is already being successfully run by half of the world’s leading communication service providers and provides an open API enabling integration with existing management systems, we knew we could rely on Parallels to help us grow without limits.”

InfoboxCloud worked with Parallels Professional Services to kick off their Parallels Automation deployment and setup process. Parallels took care of configuring the key functional units, and then the InfoboxCloud team - after completing a certification course at Parallels Cloud University - deployed such modules as Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Microsoft Lync Server, and Backup Agent. Other modules that were installed include Windows and Linux web hosting, domain registration, container-based virtualization for Linux, Hyper-V hypervisor for Windows, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Additionally, just two months following their launch of Parallels Automation, InfoboxCloud added a completely new service to enable customers to create cloud servers powered by Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure (PACI).

Results and Benefits

By implementing Parallels Automation, InfoboxCloud was able to:
• Triple its revenue from selling VPS and cloud servers
• Sell and create over 5,000 new cloud servers which handle such customer workloads as online trading, virtual workplaces, and accounting software
• Centralize their IT infrastructure and gain a clear understanding of how it will scale as their business grows
• Offer competitive service plans
• Easily add new white-label resellers, who in turn can resell any cloud services offered by InfoboxCloud under their own company names

“We believe that cloud platforms are the future of IT. Seeing the increase in our revenue and high customer interest in cloud servers, we decided to drop our colocation services and focus on improving our cloud platform,” says Bahtiyarov. “We want to show our customers that the future of IT is not hardware, its cloud computing that provides rich functional and architecture capabilities and can meet all their infrastructure needs.”

Future Plans

InfoboxCloud’s next goal is to leverage Parallels Cloud Storage technology to power their cloud storage solution and to expand their offerings to include hosted PBX along with other business services.

InfoboxCloud is also working on a global expansion strategy. The company intends to establish new points of presence outside of Russia in order to be able to store customer data in different countries to provide a higher quality of service.