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11/01/2014  |  by Parallels
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Blacknight Solutions Gains Significant Competitive Advantage by Extending its Parallels Automation Platform with Linux Next Generation Shared Hosting

Blacknight Solutions, Ireland’s largest web hosting and domain registrar, is using the Parallels Linux Shared Web Hosting Next Generation (NG) Service Module to extend the functionality of its Parallels Automation platform, differentiate its offering, and drive revenue growth.

Partner Summary

With over 75,000 direct customers and a broad portfolio of services covering shared and dedicated web hosting, bandwidth, digital certificates and cloud hosting, Blacknight Solutions is Ireland’s largest web hoster and domain registrar.

Founded in 2003 and 100% Irish-owned, the company has been running its services using Parallels Automation since 2008. In July 2014, it added the Parallels Linux Shared Web Hosting NG Service Module to improve the quality, performance, and security of its shared hosting services for customers. The module is delivering significant competitive advantage for Blacknight Solutions, and helping the company to grow its revenues.

Business Challenges

From its inception in 2003, Blacknight Solutions used a variety of products to support its Linux- and Windows-based web hosting services. However, in 2008, rapid growth prompted CEO Michele Neylon and his management team to look for a system that would enable them to offer a broad range of services using a single platform. Recognizing the completeness of its functionality and the flexibility it offers, Blacknight Solutions chose Parallels Automation.

Over the six years since the initial deployment, Blacknight Solutions has worked closely with Parallels to get maximum value from its investment in the Parallels Automation platform. At the same time, the web hosting market has continued to evolve and become even more competitive. That’s why in early 2014, Neylon and his team decided it was time to enhance the company’s core shared hosting offering. “With new competitors entering the hosting market every day, it’s vital for us to differentiate,” says Neylon. “We knew that our customers had a pain point in terms of supporting multiple versions of PHP, because popular content management systems often require migration to the latest version. We also recognized that IPv6 support was becoming increasingly important to our customers. We looked to our Parallels Automation platform to help us address these requirements. We found what we were looking for in the Linux Shared Hosting module.”

The Solution

The Parallels Linux Shared Web Hosting NG Service Module applies next generation technology to shared web hosting, out of the box. This includes automated operations support for Linux shared web hosting service delivery, which significantly reduces support costs. It also uses site isolation to protect customer websites from disruption if other sites held on the same server are attacked.

Support for multiple versions of PHP and the IPv6 standard enables website owners to utilize the latest web technologies and content management systems effectively. Plus, the module maximizes the return on investment for hosters by enabling high density hosting of up to 15,000 websites per server. This makes it an ideal solution for service providers like Blacknight Solutions that want to reduce the operational cost of hosting a large number of hosted, shared websites. Importantly, the Linux Shared Hosting module also helps them drive revenue and increase margins with a highly available, shared hosting service that can command a higher price than traditional shared web hosting.

The Benefits

Parallels Automation and the Linux Shared Web Hosting NG Service Module are helping Blacknight Solutions to:

• Stay one step ahead of its competitors with enhanced shared hosting that supports multiple PHP versions, IPv6, and provides site isolation for maximum website availability
• Reduce customer churn through enhanced reliability
• Enhance the “stickiness” of its shared hosting offering
• Increase sales and share of wallet (average revenue per user) with higher priced, high – availability shared hosting
• Maximize the revenue generation potential of every shared server through higher hosting density
• Expand its business internationally through built-in multi-language support

Adding the Linux Shared Hosting module to its Parallels Automation platform is crucial for Blacknight Solutions from a competitive standpoint. Neylon comments, “Improving our shared hosting offering through support for IPv6 and multiple versions of PHP, and the ability to offer our customers peace of mind through site isolation, are competitive advantages for us. And most importantly, the Linux Shared Hosting module helps us drive revenue and increase share of wallet among our customers. We are now using it for all our new shared hosting accounts and we have experienced very few issues. Our collaboration with Parallels has ensured that it just works, and that makes life easier for all of us.”

Summarizing the importance of the partnership between Blacknight Solutions and Parallels, Neylon concludes, “We have been working with Parallels since 2008 and they have been key to our growth since then. The addition of the Linux Shared Hosting module is the next stage in the evolution of our Parallels Automation platform. I expect that evolution to continue as we add services and functionality. We also want to grow our market presence internationally, and the platform’s integrated support for multiple languages will make it faster and easier for us to do that.”