Ingram Micro Product Lifecycle Policy for Odin Automation Premium

Product Lifecycle Description

 The lifecycle policies establish a clear and predictable policy for product support and servicing timelines. To help customers and partners manage their support and servicing requirements for Odin Automation Premium platform, Ingram Micro manages the product lifecycle according to the below phases.

General Availability (GA) - Full Support Provided

This phase extends from the moment a new version is released (GA or Generally Available) until the version is set to EOM (End of Maintenance). During this period, Ingram Micro provides the full support for Odin Automation Premium (see the table below for details).
Latest version in General Availability should be considered for new deployments and upgrades of existing platforms.

End of Maintenance (EOM) - Extended Support Provided

This phase goes into effect from the moment when Ingram Micro officially starts EOM (End of Maintenance) for a specific Odin Automation Premium version until EOL (End of Life) starts for that same version. During this period, only limited level of support is provided as part of Extended Support (see the table below). The specific Odin Automation Premium versions are not eligible for a new deployment or upgrade, although case by case exceptions may apply.

End of Life (EOL) - No Support Provided

This phase starts from the moment when Ingram Micro executes EOL (End of Life) for a specific Odin Automation Premium version and beyond.
During this phase, technical support and product downloads are no longer available. Only limited technical support will be available through the information posted on Odin Knowledge Base and Documentations. If any specific issues cannot be resolved through these methods, an upgrade or migration to the latest version is strongly recommended.
The dates (EOM and EOL) described above are provided by Ingram Micro for every new version. Also, this website remains constantly updated to check for any version status and important dates.

Product Preview Programs

Ingram Micro allows a selective number of customers to participate into a preview program for some of the new releases. Customers who are interested in such program can contact Technical Account Managers or pta(at) to apply for specific release. Standard program is named Release Candidate. Special conditions may apply.

Service level available through the different phases
Service level
GA/Full Support
EOM/Extended Support
EOL/No support
Request to change product design and features available¹ not available not available
Product Updates & Patches available paid, as CSD
subject to resource availability
not available
Technical Support Assistance via tickets and phone support available available not available
Support Requests Prioritization available no, all request treated as Normal Severity not available
Support commitment to SLA yes (per support contract) no² no
R&D assistance for troubleshooting of complex cases available not available not available
Free/Self-Service Resources (KB, documentation) available available available
Upgrade Assistance available³ available³ available³
APS Package Certification available not available not available

¹While requesting a new feature is possible during this phase, Feature Requests are entirely up to Ingram Micro to deliver into roadmaps.
²Support team provides prompt response to the issues, but more priority is given to issues affecting newer (GA) OA Premium versions.
³Contact your Account Manager and (or) Technical Account Manager to discuss upgrade project to the latest version.

Lifecycle timeline

Product Status Release Date EOM date EOL date
Odin Automation Premium 7.4 GA/Full support 5-Jun-18 5-Jun-22 5-Dec-22
Odin Automation Premium 7.3 GA/Full support 10-Jan-18 10-Jan-19 10-Jun-19
Odin Automation Premium 7.2 GA/Full support 25-Sep-17 25-Sep-18 31-Mar-19
Odin Automation Premium 7.1 EOM/Extended Support 17-Apr-17 17-Apr-18 31-Mar-19
Odin Automation Premium 7.0.x EOM/Extended Support 6-Jul-16 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-19
Odin Service Automation (OSA) 6.0 EOM/Extended Support 12-Mar-15 31-Jul-17 31-Dec-18
Parallels Automation 5.5 EOL/End of life 26-Jul-13 6-Jul-16 30-Jun-18
Parallels Automation 5.4 EOL/End of life 12-May-12 12-Mar-15 30-Jun-18
Parallels Operations Automation (POA) 5.3 EOL/End of life 8-Nov-11 26-Jul-13 30-Jun-18
Parallels Business Automation (PBA) 5.1 EOL/End of life 27-Jul-11 26-Jul-13 30-Jun-18
Parallels Operations Automation (POA) 5.2 and Older EOL/End of life   - 12-May-12
Parallels Business Automation (PBA) 5.0 and Older EOL/End of life   - 15-May-12

Related Components Lifecycle

 Odin Automation Premium integrates with several related components – some developed by Ingram Micro and some by third parties. The Knowledge Base article below will help you determine the support status and lifecycle of many related components:

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