Learn About Plesk Automation

Plesk Automation delivers business and technical value to your web hosting business to help you grow by providing a way to easily scale your web hosting infrastructure. As a hosting company grows, it employs more and more servers. If each server is managed separately, this entails high maintenance costs and suboptimal server loads. Plesk Automation helps hosting providers solve these issues. Plesk Automation centralizes the management of services (like web hosting, mail, DNS, and others) that reside on a number of servers. Plesk Automation meets the needs of providers who maintain just few servers and providers who supply hundreds of servers. The guidance below illustrates how Plesk Automation makes everything work.

Document NameFormat
Quick Start Guide for Hosting Providers PDF | HTML
Deployment Guide PDF | HTML
Operations Guide PDF | HTML
Customer's Guide PDF | HTML
Upgrade/Migration Guide PDF | HTML
Branding Guide PDF | HTML
Integration Guide PDF | HTML
Release Notes HTML
Plesk Automation WHMCS Module Guide PDF | HTML
Plesk Automation Billing Customer’s Guide HTML
Plesk Automation Billing Online Store Guide PDF | HTML
Plesk Automation Billing Provider’s Guide PDF | HTML
Plesk Automation Deployment Examples PDF
Plesk Automation Datasheet PDF

Integrate with Odin Business Automation Standard

Plesk Automation is natively integrated with Odin Business Automation Standard. In order to register the Plesk Automation Management Node in Odin Business Automation Standard please follow instructions provided in the “Managing Service Automation Services” chapter of the Odin Business Automation Standard Provider’s Guide.

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