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Two separate marketing, sales and technical programs - one for Service Providers and one for Cloud Service Developers (ISVs).

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Are You a Website Owner?

Website hosting service providers use Plesk software to help them manage their servers.

Odin does not host any websites or provide website hosting services.

For questions about your website or website hosting service, please contact your service provider.

You can find your service provider here:

Participate in the Product Expert Program

Odin Product Experts are independent of Odin and share their thoughts and opinions in our Forums and online community pages such as Facebook and Twitter. OPE’s offer valuable advice on their experiences and come from a wide variety of backgrounds including business owners, programmers, Odin Partners and individual users of our products. Learn more

Incident Deduction Policy

If you have a support contract that includes a limited number of incidents, one incident will be deducted from the contract when you create a ticket via our ticketing system or call center.

Odin credits either a support incident for those customers, who have a support account, or provides a refund of the payment made if the customer’s issue turns out to be a bug not previously known documented as bug.

If the issue is a known bug that is documented in the public KB then the refund policy does not apply.

Tickets submitted to Odin Customer Service regarding purchase or licensing issues will not be deducted from your support contract.

Product Lifecycle Policies

Odin is committed to providing high quality, cost effective solutions to our customers. To this end, we have established official product lifecycle policies.

If you have an inquiry about Parallels Desktop for Mac, please find support contacts here.

Phone Support Hotline

Odin Customer Support agents are available to answer your questions regarding Odin products and services, licenses and more. Please select the type of inquiry from the list below based on the product you have purchased. Prior to contacting support, we suggest checking our Knowledge Base for the answer to your question.

Phone Numbers




 +49 895 499 86657DE

 +7 495 909 0611RU

 +44 20 3514 0630UK


Odin Partner Support

If you are an Odin Partner, phone support is included in your Support contract. 

Please use your Support code or existing open ticket number when you call. Your support code should be included in your partner agreement. If you’ve misplaced your code, please contact your Odin Sales representative.

Odin Non-Technical Support

An Odin Customer Service Representative will help you with your Non-Technical Support questions. Non-technical inquiries include help with product activation, registration, licensing, a lost product key, online sales and pre-sales questions.

If you have an inquiry about Parallels Desktop for Mac, please find support contacts here.

Online Chat Support

Odin Customer Support agents are available to answer your questions regarding. Odin products and services, licenses and more. Please select the type of inquiry from the list below based on the product you have purchased. Prior to contacting support, we suggest checking our Knowledge Base for the answer to your question.


We provide Online Chat support regarding the following topics:

  • Plesk technical and licensing questions
  • Virtuozzo containers technical questions
  • Operations Automation and Business Automation technical questions

Odin Support Chat

Online Chat Support is provided in English only. Please ensure that you select the correct product line when launching the chat client to ensure proper routing to the correct Customer Support Team.

Premier Support Overview

Technical Account Manager

Get Customized Assistance from a Technical Account Manager

When you sign up for Odin Technical Account Manager (TAM) program, you’ll get a dedicated resource you can count on—a senior-level advisor with thorough knowledge of your IT environment. Your TAM will be able to respond rapidly when issues arise and can provide you with both technical and strategic help in using Odin products.

Who Needs a TAM?

You can benefit from a TAM if:

  • You have an Odin Service Automation platform and/or extensive Plesk/Virtuozzo container deployments (5k+ nodes).
  • Your Odin project has an aggressive implementation timeline
  • You’d like to leverage best practices and proven expertise in deploying Odin products
  • You want to maximize the value of your investment in Odin technology

What Will a TAM Do for You?

A TAM can help you integrate Odin technology with your organizational processes and can work across your organization to achieve consensus on key issues. A TAM can also identify common pitfalls and recommend steps to avoid them; monitor trouble tickets to make sure issues are resolved promptly; proactively identify root causes and trends in support issues; and recommend changes that will improve performance. Whenever you need help, your TAM will marshal whatever resources are needed, across all Odin departments and functions. In short, your TAM will do whatever is needed to help you get the maximum value from your Odin investment.

Some of the functions a TAM performs include:
  • Conducting a consultative review of your existing IT infrastructure to determine how Odin technology can best help you
  • Reviewing your implementation plans and making recommendations in line with best practices
  • Identifying potential technical or business obstacles and suggesting solutions
  • Providing updates on Odins’ strategic and product roadmaps
  • Providing access to Odin product experts when needed
  • Putting you at the front of the queue for product upgrades and new releases
  • Conducting quarterly site visits and delivering quarterly reviews that summarize support issue trends and identify opportunities for improvement.

For more information about the Odin TAM program, e-mail or call your Sales Account Manager. If you don’t have a Sales Account Manager or have misplaced the contact information, click here for a list of our regional sales offices. Call an office in your region and choose option 3 for Service Provider Sales.

Software Update Service (SUS)

Odin’s Software Update Service (SUS) is our software maintenance program. SUS streamlines the process of keeping your servers up to date with the latest critical patches and updates to new releases.

SUS is available to Odin Service Providers purchasing one or more of the following products:

  • Plesk
  • Helm
  • H-Sphere
  • Confixx
  • Plesk Expand
  • Site Builder
  • Odin Service Automation
  • Odin Business Automation Standard
  • Virtuozzo containers
  • Server Bare Metal

With your initial purchase of the software, SUS will be activated for one year allowing you to upgrade to the latest version of your Odin software or update currently installed software with the latest patches, fixes, and minor releases. Prior to your first year purchase anniversary date you will have the opportunity to renew your Software Update Service subscription for 25% of the base retail price of your license key(s).

SUS Facts:
  • SUS is included with your initial license fee(s) which allows you to update Odin software to new releases for a period of 12 months from the time of purchase.
  • SUS is required to update your software licenses to new releases.
  • SUS is an optional service for Odin license owners.
  • SUS can be renewed yearly for 25% of the retail price of your license key(s).
  • SUS is not transferable and is issued to a specific software license key and its owner.

SUS saves you money and keeps your software up to date. Don’t forget to ask your sales representative about SUS!

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