Customer Spotlights

Hundreds of hosting providers use Odin Business Automation Standard to power their business. Both large and small hosting providers have used Odin Business Automation Standard to successfully grow their business. Here is what they have to say about our product.

Web Drive

"The Odin environment is very important to us. Its integration and automation capabilities have helped us a lot over the past few years. We didn’t need to develop our own billing systems and infrastructure, and that has made it a lot easier for us to grow."

— Robin Dickie,
General Manager, Web Drive.

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Cirrus Tech

"Odin Business Automation Standard automates our billing and business processes, while Plesk Automation does the same for hosting and related services. Integrating these systems was a vital part of our strategy to enter the era of solutions… With the help of Odin products, it is now possible to deploy services fast, and administer them from a convenient place."

— Ehsan Mirdamadi,
Cirrus Tech

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"Odin Business Automation Standard is helping us grow by allowing us to broaden our portfolio and upsell to existing customers. This includes hosting channel partner operations for some very large enterprises."

— Juan Rojas,

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"The automation that Odin Business Automation Standard provides has proven to be key to growing our business. We’re no longer bogged down dealing with technical and administrative details."

Philippe Hennaeau,

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ViUX Systems, Inc

"The new Odin Business Automation Standard 4.2 affiliate program tools are an excellent means to recruit and incentivize existing ViUX customers to refer and promote our services to others.  This will be a key feature to increase our revenue and customer base throughout the remainder of 2012 and for years to come. The new affiliate capabilities and the many other new features make version 4.2 an excellent upgrade of Odin Business Automation Standard."

J.T. Smith,
Managing Director,  
ViUX Systems, Inc.

Rusonyx Ltd

"Odin Business Automation Standard provided a powerful and fully integrated billing and hosting automation solution that allowed us to expand our business into VPS, shared and application hosting, ecommerce, and SSL certificates. As a result, we doubled our revenue and customer base and reached $1.2M USD in recurring revenue and 6,000 customers in just three years. The combination of proven automation technology and outstanding 24x7 customer service has allowed us to successfully deliver a wide range of hosting services to large number of customers with only eight full-time support engineers. We couldn’t have achieved these great results without Odin Business Automation Standard."

Yury Ustinov,
Deputy Director, Rusonyx Ltd


"We established a profitable hosting business, but realized that our growth was limited by the constraints of our infrastructure. By implementing Odin Business Automation, we were able to automate processes, improve customer service, and focus on developing advanced applications for our customers."

Rick Lingsch,
CEO, eApps

Future Hosting

"Odin Business Automation automates the delivery of virtualization-based services so that a process which used to take 30 minutes can now be done in three clicks. In addition, all billing system related tasks can be managed automatically. Now, I can focus on growing my business and assisting my customers."

Vik Patel,
CEO, Future Hosting

Apollo Hosting

"With Odin Business Automation we are able to offer shared, dedicated, VPS, and reseller hosting to our customers. Our customers have the power and ease of upgrading their hosting plan as their company grows. We are able to standardize using the automated provisioning, billing and management of Odin Business Automation integrated with Virtuozzo and Plesk to offer a wide range of shared, VPS and reseller hosting options."

Tamara Field,
President, Apollo Hosting


"Since our purchase of Odin’s Business Automation, Virtuozzo and Plesk, we have integrated the new system within our company and the support team has been outstanding, efficient and quick to reply with all our questions and demands. Professional solutions have always been a priority for our company and with this new integration, our hosting has expanded worldwide offering automated billing, Plesk, Virtuozzo and Odin Business Automation to our clients and resellers with all the latest updates. Our clientele has increased tenfold and continues to rise daily. In retrospect, Odin has secured our success and future as a leading provider." 

Antoine Ubavicius,
System Administrator/Marketing Officer,


"As Pioneers in the area of web hosting and server housing on the Swiss market, we have in-depth knowledge of the requirements of our clients. We have evaluated various data centre automation products and have chosen Virtuozzo, Odin Business Automation and Plesk from Odin. Their clear structure, easy handling, expansion potential and up-to-date design convinced us. The outstanding support offered by Odin is a real plus. Our clients profit from state-of-the-art products that are an unbeatable value." 

Raffael Lanfranconi,
COO, Arcade Solutions AG


"We are pleased to launch our using both Odin’s Virtuozzo and Odin Business Automation. Our new virtual server offerings are robust, with 5/10GB service plans hosted on Linux servers. We have been offering hosting since its infancy, and want this strong feature set available to our business customers."

Dan Handy,
GM of GlobalServers and VP of About Web Services


"Automating server management and hosting tasks while keeping costs low is a fundamental challenge for every Web hosting business. Odin's complete package of Web hosting and server virtualization technology is exactly what we’ve been looking for because it revolutionizes the way we do business, giving us the opportunity to better serve our current customers while attracting new business and expanding our shared-hosting options."

Thomas Strohe,
Founder of SERVER4YOU, Inc.


"Odin Business Automation enables us to provide a fully automated account setup for Plesk hosting servers and VPS based on Virtuozzo. Within only a few minutes, customers have their own VPS up and running — at any time of the day. Thanks to the complete billing and accounting functionalities, our administrative work has decreased enormously and gives us the opportunity to provide affordable, high quality and highly available hosting plans. Combined with the top-notch support from Odin, Odin Business Automation is the ultimate solution for hosting companies."

Claude Ritter,
Aionics GmbH, Silverbox

"The features, ease of use and ROI from Odin Business Automation will establish it as the must have product in the hosting business. He noted that his company views Odin Business Automation as being a major building block in its success. "The integration of Plesk and Virtuozzo now enable us to offer and manage flexible hosting plans that are critical for the needs of our customers. We just launched several industry leading VPS Partner and Reseller initiatives that Odin Business Automation helped make possible."

Cameron Jones,


"Finally, our site was available for people to access whenever they felt like it; not only when it was accessible."

Graham Chang,
Founder of SWX

Velocity Host

"We immediately began to see the return on our investment. New deployments could now be achieved in a quarter of the time it previously took us. New set-ups which previously took between four to five hours could now be completed unassisted in half an hour. This adds up to around $18,000 a year in additional revenue. For a startup business, $18,000 is a lot of money by anyone’s books."

Craig Quilkey,
Creative Director and Founder of 1MD

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